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You’re considering a new career change, and you’ve come across remote writing jobs. You’re curious about what they are, but you’re not sure if they’re the right fit for you.

If this sounds like you, then we’ve got just the thing: a list of 10 plus great writing jobs that will let you work from home and enjoy it. 

Once you’re done reading this article, we’ll help point out some places where you can find even more remote writing jobs.

Having a solid grasp of your expectations is the first step towards landing a remote writing job. Keep reading, and at the end of this article, you’ll feel a lot more confident about your chances for a new remote writing career.

What are remote writing jobs?

Remote writing jobs are positions where you are paid to produce written content without being in an office.

Many of these positions don’t require previous experience, so they’re a great way for new writers to get their foot in the door. They can also be great summer or part-time jobs for people who have full-time jobs that don’t allow huge amounts of free time.

People who are good at remote writing jobs can often make a full-time living doing this, especially if they take time to build up their client base.

Benefits of remote writing jobs

Remote writing jobs are becoming increasingly important in our digital age. With so many people working remotely, companies are starting to see the benefits of having a remote team.

  • You’ll be able to work from home

One of the enormous benefits of working from home is setting your hours. You don’t have to worry about getting up early in the morning or fighting traffic to get to work on time.

You can work whatever hours are best for you, and you can take breaks whenever you want. This flexibility is a major advantage for writers who have other commitments, such as caring for children or elderly parents.

Another benefit of working from home is saving money on transportation costs. You won’t have to pay for gas or parking, and you won’t need to buy a monthly transit pass.

  • You can make your schedule and work hours.

If you want to take a 3-day weekend, go for it! If you feel like working some extra hours one week, no problem.

It’s a perfect job if you have school or extracurricular commitments on certain days.

You’ll also be able to work around your children’s schedule- if you have young kids at home, it’s a great opportunity for you!

  • Choose to work as much or as little as you’d like.

This is especially ideal if you have school or other extracurricular commitments. If you only feel like working 1-2 days a week, that’s fine! The point is to enjoy what you’re doing and take it at your own pace. There is no pressure, and there will always be work available.

You can find remote writing jobs almost anywhere on the internet- job boards, social media, even industry websites.

Many of these opportunities are with reputable companies that don’t charge a ton of money to join their platforms (more on this later).

There are no dress codes, cubicles, or strict schedules. It’s basically like working from home, but you can make your schedule and choose to work as much as you’d like.

  • You can get paid to write from basically anywhere in the world.

You can get paid to write from basically anywhere in the world. As long as you’ve an internet connection and some writing device (laptop, tablet, computer phone), you’re good to go.

10 Best remote writing jobs

10 Best remote writing jobs

Many remote writing jobs can be a great fit for anyone who wants to work from home. 

They offer much flexibility, and they can be a great way to make some extra money on the side.

The best remote writing jobs are usually those that allow you to set your hours and work from anywhere in the world.Here are 10 of the best remote writing jobs:


Writers are needed to create blog posts for businesses’ websites. It’s a great gig if you’re interested in the type of industry they’ll be writing for or anyone with skills in a specific niche (such as fashion or technology).

You can find remote blogging jobs on major job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, or Indeed, but they are best found when searching for blogs that need writers.

Editorial assistants

Editorial assistants read submissions from freelance writers and send them back with notes for improvement.

Editors also do a lot of research on specific topics that their publication covers, so a strong understanding of the English language is necessary and some basic writing skills.

It’s good to have some formal education in journalism or English, but you can also find many jobs on job boards such as Indeed and CareerBuilder.

Web Content Writer

Web content writers create web pages for businesses and organizations that inform their audience about the company and what they have in terms of products or events.

You can find work through job boards such as Indeed and CareerBuilder by reaching out directly to companies who need writers or contacting companies on their social media pages.

Social Media Manager (for multiple platforms)

Social media managers are in charge of running their company’s social media pages, Such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

You’ll be responsible for posting content relevant to the brand, which will attract their target market (for example, tweets about products they sell).

You can find this kind of work through major job boards such as Indeed and CareerBuilder or reach out to companies directly.

Guest blogger (blogs for other companies)

Companies have a lot of downtime between new product releases or events, so they’ll often reach out to guest bloggers on sites such as, who can provide them with blog content: A great opportunity for someone who enjoys writing and wants to get published on a professional site.

Freelance writer

Freelance writers write blog posts and articles for companies on a per-project basis. This is a good job for someone who loves writing but doesn’t necessarily want or need an ongoing commitment with one company.

Find periodic freelance work through job boards such as Fiverr, Indeed and CareerBuilder, but it’s best to reach out to companies directly that are regularly in need of freelance writers.


Companies regularly hire journalists who have real-world experience and solid writing skills.

Journalists write articles for various kinds of organizations, from news outlets to entertainment publications.

Find such gigs through major job boards such as, Indeed and CareerBuilder or reach out directly to organizations that regularly use or need freelance writers.

Marketing Director

Many marketing companies need writers for blog posts, website content, press releases, etc.

Most of the writing that marketing companies do revolves around their products or services, so it’s essential to know those topics to be successful.

This work is usually found through major job boards such as Indeed and, but it can also be found by reaching out directly to marketing companies that regularly use freelance writers.

Strategic Copywriter

Another good marketing-related job is a strategic copywriter. It involves writing ad or sales copy for various companies to use on their websites and across social media platforms.

This kind of work can be found through major job boards such as Indeed, flexi jobs and CareerBuilder, but it’s best to reach out directly to the company that needs

SEO content writer

Many companies need help writing product descriptions, blog posts, etc., that are optimized for search engines.

SEO writers use keywords and phrasing to make their articles more likely to appear when they search for specific products or services on search engines.

This work can be found through major job boards such as Indeed and CareerBuilder.

Academic Writer

Academic writers work with various organizations to write articles, blog posts, press releases, etc. related to their field of expertise.

Academic research is highly diverse, and academic writers need to write about a wide range of topics.

How to find remote writing jobs

There are a variety of different places to find remote writing jobs. Here are a few of the best:

Check job boards

The best way to find legitimate remote writing jobs is to check job boards specifically for freelance writing work. This will give you a good idea of the types of jobs available, and it will make it easier to find companies looking for remote workers.

Look for online writing opportunities online.

Many websites offer online writing opportunities. These can be a great way to find regular work, and they can also be a great way to get started with the freelancing.

Check company websites

Many companies now have remote working options, so look at company websites to see if they have any open positions listed. You may need to do some digging, but there are opportunities out there if you know where to look.

Use social media

Post on your social media accounts, and ask friends whether they know of any available jobs for remote workers. This way, you can find writing work without too much trouble.

Consider professional associations

Some professional associations may offer assistance in finding work, so consider joining one if you want to work as a remote writer.

Online magazines

One of the best ways to find regular writing work is to write for an online magazine or blog. These sites always look for high-quality content, so it can be a great way to find regular work.

Contact freelance websites

Some freelance websites will list remote jobs that they have available. This can be a great way to find additional work, and it doesn’t take too much effort on your part.

Seek out opportunities

Many general writing jobs will allow you to work remotely, so seek them out if they are available. You may have to try a few different positions before finding one that works for you, but it will be worth the effort.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for a way to work remotely, many different jobs could be right for you.

The best remote writing jobs will offer the flexibility and schedule options you need while still paying well enough so they can serve as an additional income stream.

We hope this article has provided some helpful insight into finding these types of opportunities. If not, don’t worry! Contact us today and let our experts help determine what type of remote job would suit your skillset.”


 1. What are the best remote writing jobs?

The best remote writing jobs you can do from home with no set schedule. This way you can work on your own time, and it doesn’t matter whether weekends or busy times of day are better for you.

Some of the most popular remote writing opportunities include: copywriting, blogging, SEO content creation, technical editing, social media management, and more.

 2. What are the most common types of writing jobs for remote workers?

There is a wide range of job opportunities for remote writers, but typically they fall into one of three categories: content creation, customer service/support, or technical writing. Content creation includes blogging, copywriting, social media management, SEO content, and more.

 3. How do I find remote writing jobs?

Many different avenues can help you find remote writing jobs. You can start by searching professional job sites, like Flexjobs or We Work Remotely.

Next, try looking on social media for pages within your industry that might be hiring writers.

Finally, don’t forget to search for opportunities with companies you already work with.

 4. What are the qualifications for a remote writing job?

Typically, you don’t need a specific degree or certification to work remotely. Many of the best remote writing jobs are content marketing and copywriting roles, which require very different skills than most degrees prepare you for.

Most companies will be more interested in finding someone that can write well and demonstrate their expertise in their industry.

 5. What is the pay like for a remote writing job?

For remote writing jobs, the pay will typically depend on the client. Some clients can offer more money than others. You can also expect to work on a contract basis, which means you’ll be paid per task rather than receiving an hourly wage or salary.

 6. How much work is required for a remote writing job?

Typically, you should expect to spend about the same amount of time on your remote writing jobs as local ones.

 7. What are some pitfalls for a remote writing job?

Some companies will only ask you to work on certain days or during particular hours, which can defeat the purpose of working remotely. You may also need to be comfortable using company software for some types of remote writing jobs.

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