Sandra Bullock ‘fell in love’ with bestie Daniel Radcliffe on The Lost City

Sandra Bullock couldn’t speak any higher of her The Lost City co-star Daniel Radcliffe, stating: ‘You just fall in love with him.’ 

The two struck up a close friendship while filming the action comedy, which also stars Channing Tatum. 

While Sandra, 57, and Channing, 41, make for the perfect double act, her bond with Harry Potter star Daniel, 32, also has a special place in her heart. 

Speaking to at the The Lost City premiere in London, Sandra said: ‘Me and Daniel have been attached at the hip for the past few months. I admire him. You just fall in love with him! 

‘You think you know someone and you assume he would be a certain way having had so much success at a young age. He’s glorious, he is the loveliest human and I would go anywhere Daniel would ask me to go.’ 

When asked if Brad Pitt could go along for the ride, Sandra jokingly waved it off and said: ‘Ah, you know.’ 

Daniel and Sandra’s friendship warms our hearts (Picture:

Sandra Bullock at The Lost City premiere

Sandra brought some much needed colour to the red carpet (Picture: PA)

Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe and Channing Tatum at The Lost City premiere

Channing completed the trio (Picture: Invision/AP)

She added: ‘We had really incredible actors who were willing to show up and give so much under not easy circumstances. Everyone was amazing, they’re brilliant at their job because they make it look so easy when we saw how hard it was.’ 

The Speed actress brought some much needed colour to London tonight, wearing a pink, red and purple sash across her black power suit, while her co-stars Daniel and Channing opted for black and grey suits. 

The Lost City sees Daniel step away from his usual heroism as he plays villain billionaire Fairfax, who kidnaps Sandra’s character. 

Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe at The Lost City premiere

Sandra said Daniel was a ‘glorious’ person (Picture: Scott Garfitt, BACKGRID)

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum at The Lost City premiere

She also became good friends with Channing (Picture: WireImage)

Sandra plays the leading role in the form of Loretta Sage, a romance novelist who embarks on a book tour with model Alan Caprison, played by Step Up legend Channing.

Channing and Sandra enjoy a simmering romance throughout the film, with Caprison taking it upon himself to rescue the novelist despite having absolutely no skills or experience on how to do so.

The Lost City is set to finally be released later this month, after first being announced in October 2020, at the height of the Covid pandemic.

First thought to be released in April, the launch has been pushed up and will now hit cinemas on April 15.


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