Corey Taylor calls out ‘garbage artists’ after Machine Gun Kelly beef

Corey and Machine Gun Kelly clashed last year over an album feature (Picture: Getty)

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor won’t be releasing a diss track any time soon following his beef with Machine Gun Kelly. 

The two stars clashed last year after MGK, real name Colson Baker, said Slipknot were a group of ‘50-year-olds wearing weird f***ing masks’. 

Corey, 49, then claimed MGK, 31, was simply upset because he turned down an offer to appear on the rapper’s Tickets To My Downfall album, and proceeded to leak text messages between him and Travis Barker, who was producing the album, to prove so. 

Some might argue that (non-physical) feuds between artists keep genres spicy, much like hip hop, but it was very real for Corey. 

Speaking to around the release of his new album CMFB-Sides, the rocker said: ‘I’m not even going to mention his name [MGK] because I’m not going to give him any more free press but I don’t know. 

‘Maybe that’s the way with hip hop but with rock, there’s a genuine disdain that comes out. Maybe it’s because we’re just such surly p****s and we’re very judgemental.’ 

Corey Taylor

Corey won’t be releasing any diss tracks any time soon (Picture: Getty Images)

He continued: ‘There’s not a lot of diss tracks in rock – there’s a handful but there’s not nearly as many per capita as there are with hip hop. 

‘There are entire albums devoted to that s**t in hip hop but I don’t have the time to do that many diss tracks for that many people that I see as f*****g garbage artists. 

‘I think it has to do with trying to level up in your career. For me, I’m just a surly p***k and that’s all that it comes down to.’ 

Machine Gun Kelly

MGK aired his harsh thoughts on Slipknot sparking his rift with Corey (Picture: Getty Images)

Corey went on to explain that his brutally honest rants often get him ‘in trouble’ but that his comments aren’t anything he wouldn’t say behind closed doors with friends. 

‘I’m not doing anything that people and fans don’t do together in their own time at a table at a restaurant after a concert, movie or just hanging out,’ he said. 

‘That’s all I’m doing is just expounding… Everything I say in print is everything I say when I’m just hanging out with my friends. If that’s controversial or me starting beef then you can say that about everybody because we all have opinions.’ 

The Stone Sour singer lives a much less rock n roll lifestyle these days, having given up alcohol more than 10 years ago

Instead, when he isn’t working on his solo music or various rock outfits, he’s spending quality time with his children and beloved wife, Alicia Dove, who he married in 2019. 

Corey Taylor’s new album, CMFB-Sides, is available to stream and buy now.


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