Jeopardy! fans reveal ‘infuriating’ theory Mayim Bialik will host Second Chance Tournament as they beg show to fire her

JEOPARDY! fans have revealed an “infuriating” theory that Mayim Bialik will host the Second Chance Tournament.

The prediction comes after vocal viewers have begged for the show to fire her

Fans have predicted that Mayim Bialik will host Jeopardy!’s upcoming Second Chance TournamentCredit: Getty

Many would prefer to see Ken Jennings in the role

Many would prefer to see Ken Jennings in the roleCredit: ABC

Taking to the Reddit thread Jeopardy, one fan started the rumor that Mayim will get at least 10 more hosted episodes this season.

They pointed to the clue that Mayim recently tweeted a video, which showed her filming on the Alex Trebek Stage at Sony Pictures Studios

The fan then mused: “Also, the season finale of Call Me Kat is scheduled for May 5, so it’s likely that filming has wrapped for that show.”

Mayim plays the lead role on the Fox sitcom, which is currently airing its second season.

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After the Big Bang Theory alum revealed that she is hosting Jeopardy! until May 6th, this led the Redditor to believe that she’d be the one “reading the cards” for the final 40 episodes of the season.

Another fan then predicted: “Possibility that Mayim will host Second Chance Tournament?”

The Second Chance Tournament will see the show give contestants who lost another shot at Jeopardy! glory.

It will be the first contest of its kind in Jeopardy!’s 58-year-long history.

Although a date for the episode is yet to be revealed, it will take place “right before” the show’s annual Tournament of Champions, Executive Producer Michael Davies has revealed.


However, many fans will be unhappy if Mayim is revealed as the host.

Last week, viewers were left begging for her to be replaced by Ken Jennings permanently after she made on-air blunder.

As the episode aired, fans took to Twitter to express their dislike for the California native.

One viewer wrote: “Jeopardy! needs to make Ken Jennings the full-time host.”

Another raged: “Get Mayim Bialik off the show! She’s losing viewers!

“Not only do I miss Ken when he’s not there, but Mayim reminds me daily of how much better he is at the job.”


On the other hand, fans rejoiced on social media as former champion Ken returned to host this week’s episodes.

One wrote: “Ah, the true host of Jeopardy! is back. Ken is made for this job. I’m sorry but Mayim isn’t made for this show.

“No one hosts it better than the man who won so many games on it.”

Another agreed: “Hooray! The true host is back. Ken is the one.”

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Mayim has been splitting the hosting duties with Ken since Mike Richards had to step down after controversial remarks resurfaced.

Many loyal viewers are eager to learn who will take over as permanent host once this season comes to an end on July 29 2022.

Mayim dropped this 'clue' from behind the scenes

Mayim dropped this ‘clue’ from behind the scenesCredit: Twitter/missmayim

The actress also stars in the Fox sitcom, Call Me Kat

The actress also stars in the Fox sitcom, Call Me KatCredit: Fox / Instagram

The Second Chance Tournament will take place 'right before' the show's annual Tournament of Champions

The Second Chance Tournament will take place ‘right before’ the show’s annual Tournament of ChampionsCredit: ABC

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