Kendall Jenner fans think star is ‘unrecognizable’ as they spot ‘strange’ detail on her face in new Hulu show promo pic

KENDALL Jenner fans think that the star looks “unrecognizable” as they have spotted a “strange” detail on her face in a promo picture for the new Hulu show.

Each member of the Kardashian family got a solo headshot to advertise for their new show.

Kendall Jenner’s fans spotted a ‘strange’ detail in her headshot for the new Hulu showCredit: 2022 Hulu

Fans thought that the photo editing 'did her dirty' and made her look as if her forehead was too large

Fans thought that the photo editing ‘did her dirty’ and made her look as if her forehead was too largeCredit: Instagram/Kendalljenner

Fans spotted something off about Kendall’s picture and took to Reddit to discuss the detail.

They thought the editing made Kendall’s head “look sooooo long.”

One fan wrote: “Ahhh, Kendall’s head! They did her dirty!”

The same fan continued: “At first glance, she’s beautiful, but I just noticed the lack of depth perception.”

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A second fan posted: “I was thinking the same thing. Why does the top of her head look so elongated?”

A third remarked: “It’s such a weird shot. I can see the whole top of her head but front on.”

Another added: “Just stop with the excessive Photoshop.”

However, other fans came to Kendall’s defense, as one wrote: “I’m sorry, but I find Kendall so gorgeous.”

A second conceded that the photo still “looked so weird” but commented: “She still looks nice.”


Meanwhile, with the release of the Hulu show, Kendall’s sister Kim, 41, has been throwing her some major shade.

Last week Friday, Kardashian fans slammed Kim for her “shady” diss toward Kendall she muttered under her breath in the Jimmy Kimmel interview.

Ahead of The Kardashians streaming premiere on April 14, the reality star family – minus Kylie – made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The host kicked off the group interview by asking the family how they co-ordinate their outfits.

Kendall was eager to answer and said they have a “group chat” where they discuss “color tones.”

Kourtney, 42, confessed that she sometimes “ignores the group chat.”

When Jimmy asked the family if anyone ever “mutes or silences the chat” Kourtney said she does not, but Kendall admitted she does.

As Kendall commented that the group chat is “just a lot,” Kim simultaneously said under her breath, “For your mental health?”

In a shocked outrage, fans took to Reddit to see if anyone else picked up the shade-y comment.

One Reddit user wrote about Kim’s remark: “That little comment was such a disgusting little jab made to invalidate Kendall’s mental health.”

The same user continued: “Making light of other people’s mental health, especially those closest to you? Disgusting.”

Another fan chimed in: “Poor Kendall! That was such a mean comment.”

A third added: “They are super ignorant about mental health and see it as an excuse. Funnily Kim needs the most therapy.”


After Kim’s shocking comment, Kendall opened up about struggling with anxiety after she was accused of getting plastic surgery and flaunting her wealth.

Kendall shared a short video of her serene backyard on Instagram.

She confessed to her fans about her struggles: “My anxiety (especially social anxiety) has been on 100 lately. I’ve come to a place where I don’t feel bad about it.”

The KUWTK-alum continued:  “I love my space and my alone time. I am finding ways to help me start my day off with a calmer, more positive mindset. 

“That being said, I wanted to just spread some good vibes.”

Kendall then listed some activities that she did that morning to help with her mental wellbeing. 

They included 10 deep breaths before touching her phone, journaling in her yard, and expressing gratitude for her “blessings”.

She also added that she “took in the sun” and “practiced some deep breathing”, and recommended that her followers do the same.


The mental health focus from Kendall comes as fans speculate that she’s had a secret boob job.

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Over the weekend, she put her cleavage on display in a figure-hugging sheer minidress.

The bold look came after she was photographed looking fuller-chested than usual while on her way to visit 818 Tequila bar at REVOLVE Social Club in Los Angeles.

Amid the new Hulu show release, Kendall's sister Kim threw some major shade

Amid the new Hulu show release, Kendall’s sister Kim threw some major shadeCredit: ABC

After Kim's 'mean' comment, Kendall opened up about 'struggling with anxiety'

After Kim’s ‘mean’ comment, Kendall opened up about ‘struggling with anxiety’Credit: kendalljenner/Instagram

Fans also think Kendall has gotten a recent 'secret boob job'

Fans also think Kendall has gotten a recent ‘secret boob job’Credit: Rex

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