Kendall Jenner slams mom Kris after claims her ‘grandkids have a good work ethic’ in hilarious new interview

KRIS Jenner may be getting a little ahead of herself, when mistakenly describing the “worth ethic” of her GRANDchildren.

But her goof led to a good laugh between her and daughter Kendall.

Kendall and Kris answer questionsCredit: The Skimm

Khloe's daughter True, brother Rob’s tot Dream & Kim’s little girl Chicago have a great

Khloe’s daughter True, brother Rob’s tot Dream & Kim’s little girl Chicago have a great “work ethic” according to KrisCredit: Instagram

It all happened as the family continues what seems to be a non-stop public relations blitz to promote their new Hulu series.

Kris and Kendall sat to answer questions from news site The Skimm, including one that asked the momager: “Kris, you have so many incredible grandkids, who do you think is going to start an empire of their own?”

But Kris, 66, apparently misheard the question, or was preparing to give the same standard answer she has already given so many times during the campaign.

“Oh wow, I think they’re all destined for great things. I’m really proud of them,” Kris started simple enough, before adding the surprising comment: “And they all have this amazing work ethic, and really love what they do.”

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Kendall, 26, sitting next to her mom, appeared dumbfounded by the comment, and couldn’t help but question it.

“What? They’re like six,” Kendall pointed out. “You’re talking about the grandkids?”

“Oh, I thought you were talking about the kids,” an embarrassed Kris replied. “Well it applies to everyone,” she said with a laugh.

Indeed, the mother and daughter duo each stated to laugh at the thought, with Kendall asking, “They’re great, but what job do they have?”

Challenged, Kris tried to make her argument: “Well, they take out the trash. And they make their bed. I can see big things.”


On Reddit, fans teased the mistake, with many saying the busy family head is simply in cruise control as her press tour drags on.

“Kris was giving that PR answer and Kendall was like hold up,” one person posted, as another added: “Kris was on autopilot. Love that Kendall was like wtf?”

Still, another found it amusing Kris simply repeated a rehearsed response.

“Kris was just spitting out the same verbiage she always does without realizing the actual question!


In her defense, Mama Kardashian has been hearing similar questions at every stop of her publicity tour – including the ever-repeated “Which kid is your favorite?

Recently, Kourtney, 42, Kim, 41, and Khloe Kardashian, 37, along with Kendall, and Kylie Jenner, 24, gathered around the matriarch to promote their new Hulu show

Access Hollywood‘s Kit Hoover asked the group: “Who is mom’s current favorite child?”

While Kris decided to abstain from answering, the rest of the family seemed to land on an almost instant agreement and picked out two siblings.

Khloe explained: “It’s Kylie and Kendall.

“I was there last night when she said ‘I’ve never been more proud of anybody in my life.’

“I’m like, ‘I’m right here, thanks.’”

Kris then jumped in to defend herself.

She confessed: “Different day, different kid. What can I say?” 

The family members have all been heavily promoting their new Hulu show

The family members have all been heavily promoting their new Hulu showCredit: The Skimm

Kris laughed after realizing what the question was asking

Kris laughed after realizing what the question was askingCredit: The Skimm

The young workaholics

The young workaholicsCredit: TikTok

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