Khloe Kardashian reveals Kris Jenner’s FAVORITE two children & claims momager gushes over top picks near her other kids

THE long debate over who is Kris Jenner’s favorite child may finally have an answer.

And it’s a tie.

The family gathered to promote their new showCredit: Access Online

The sisters all agreed Kendall and Kylie are mom's current favorites

The sisters all agreed Kendall and Kylie are mom’s current favoritesCredit: Getty

As Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian, along with Kendall, Kylie and mom Kris Jenner gathered to promote their new Hulu show, Access Hollywood‘s Kit Hoover dared ask, “Who is mom’s current favorite child?”

While Kris chose to abstain from answering, the rest of the family seemed to come to an almost instant agreement on two siblings.

As Khloe explained: “It’s Kylie and Kendall.

“I was there last night when she said ‘I’ve never been more proud of anybody in my life.’

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“I’m like, ‘I’m right here, thanks.’”

Momager Kris then jumped in to defend herself.

“Different day, different kid, what can I say?” she confessed.

Fans seem to agree with the assessment that Kylie is number one.

In a poll shared to the Reddit threat KUWTK asking who is the favorite family member, out of 635 votes, 422 went to 24-year-old Kylie.

Second came Kim, with 183 votes, while Kendall and Khloe lagged behind with 11 and 10 respectively.

Kourtney received just five votes.

In the comments, fans shared their reasons why they believe Kylie is the clear favorite.

One wrote: “Kylie actually treats her with so much respect that the others don’t always do…”

Another theorized: “Well Kylie is the baby.”


The results haven’t changed since a recently rediscovered clip from a 2019 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, when host Andy asked the sisters who Kris’ favorite child was 10 years ago, and who her favorite child is today.

Without hesitation, Khloe said back then: “Kimberly 10 years ago,” followed by her sisters joining her in unison to all agree, “Kylie now.”

“And these are facts,” Kourtney added, while Khloe chimed in, “We’re not guessing.”

Fans on TikTok didn’t doubt the answer, and commented there is an easy explanation for Kris’ list: cash.

“Kris goes where the money is,” one fan commented.

Another replied: “She loves the child who gets her the most bank.”

One fan said the momager is simply, “money hungry” while another concluded that Kris prefers “pretty much whoever makes her the most money.”


As for mom’s LEAST favorite kid?

Obsessed fans and followers think the mom-of-seven has revealed who she focuses on the least with her telling Instagram posts.

One Reddit user noticed that the reality star failed to post photos of her eldest daughter Kourtney at the Oscars, despite her being the first in the famous family to attend the prestigious event.

However, Kris, 66, made sure to show off her daughters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in their gowns as they arrived at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty.

The user captioned a screenshot of Kris’ latest Instagram activity, showing photos of Kim, 41, in her stunning blue ensemble and Kendall, 26, rocking all black for the evening.

Commenters pointed out Kourtney’s snub from her mother as one person wrote: “The kids are ranked in her bio. She also only posted Kim at the Oscars, not Kourtney and Travis tonguing. At least that was my take. Lol.”

A second fan sympathized with the Poosh founder, writing: “awww this is so mean.”

A third echoed the sentiment, adding: “That’s just sad, Kris is awful.”

Kourtney had an immediate answer for who the favorites are

Kourtney had an immediate answer for who the favorites areCredit: Access Online

But momager Kris defended herself, declaring 'different day, different kid'

But momager Kris defended herself, declaring ‘different day, different kid’Credit: AP

There has been a long standing good-hearted debate over who the favorite child really is

There has been a long standing good-hearted debate over who the favorite child really isCredit: Getty

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