Kylie Jenner accused of getting ‘botched lip fillers’ as fans beg star to go back to a natural look

KYLIE Jenner was accused of getting botched lip fillers by fans as her family’s new Hulu show approaches its air date.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum has still not revealed her son’s name, two months after his birth.

Kylie was slammed for getting ‘botched’ lip fillers by fansCredit: Hulu

Her appearance has changed greatly from her teen years

Her appearance has changed greatly from her teen yearsCredit: Getty

But fans have been more concerned about Kylie’s lip fillers, upon seeing her on camera in the new Hulu show trailer.

The famous family has been sharing promo clips ahead of the April 14 release.

But some followers have noticed something amiss about Kylie, 24, in a recent car scene.

One took to Reddit to share “random screen grabs” from the trailer to “investigate every single crumb” before the big premiere.

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In one image, the reality star rode in one of her pricey luxury cars while talking to a family member.

She was in mid-conversation with her mouth wide, her lips looking extra plump.

“Can someone familiar with filler please explain what is going on with Kylie’s lips? is it from… like filling them for so many years? or scar tissue?” one commenter noticed.

“Continuously botched lip fillers. her smile has always looked lopsided bc of them,” a second explained.

A third asked: “But why not even them out? is it really hard? Khloe has uneven filler to where one of her front teeth shows when her mouth is closed. I don’t understand why they leave them uneven.”

“I don’t know anything about filler so just a guess: but I wonder if they looked extra full/odd because they would’ve been naturally fuller by themselves from her pregnancy,” one surmised.

“Hmm, I wonder. I forgot she was pregnant lol. they look… rubbery (?) and uneven,” a fifth noted.


Kylie and her family have been busy preparing for their Hulu premiere this Thursday.

The TV personality has been focusing on her post-partum recovery after giving birth to a son on February 2nd.


But the young mom has still not announced her baby boy’s name, even two months after delivery.

Kylie recently opened up about the reasoning surrounding the secrecy of her newborn son.

During an interview with ExtraTV, she shared insight on when she might be revealing the tiny tot’s moniker.

Extra’s Katie Klause asked Kylie: “What’s his name when are you going to tell us?”

She replied: “We just haven’t fully legally changed it yet, so I don’t want to announce a new name and then change it again.”

The makeup mogul continued: “We’re just not ready to share a new name yet.”


Katie prompted: “You were very open about your postpartum struggles. How are you doing and why did you decide to be so open about that?”

Kylie said: “It just didn’t feel right to go back like nothing happened.”

She revealed: “I guess I just needed to say… I don’t want my fans or any other women going through postpartum right now to look at me and think ‘Oh, it’s so easy for her, how is it not easy for me?’

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“So I just wanted to say something before I went back to life like everything was okay.”

After a pause, Kylie concluded: “I feel like I’m getting better every day. I feel like everyone goes through different struggles, but I’m in baby heaven.”

The Kardashians premieres on Thursday

The Kardashians premieres on ThursdayCredit: 2022 Hulu

Kylie opened up about her post-partum pregnancy

Kylie opened up about her post-partum pregnancyCredit: 2022 Hulu

She still has not revealed her son's name

She still has not revealed her son’s name

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