Beauty fans go wild for Primark’s new range of beauty tools

PRIMARK has long been a favourite for many bargain hunters – and now the high-street giant has launched yet another beauty line.

It’s safe to say the latest range of beauty tools has not disappointed, as one fan took it to TikTok to share her finds.

Many took it to comment to tag their friends to share these findsCredit: tiktok

Some joked saying this tool looked like something else

Some joked saying this tool looked like something elseCredit: tiktok

The UK-based make-up lover, Laura Edwards (@laurappbeauty8) regularly uploads stunning looks and skincare tips and tricks – videos that are watched by many.

But one such clip has gone viral, amassing Laura 66,000 views in just three days after being posted.

”You guys won’t believe these new Primark beauty tools,” she said, writing in the caption that the brand is ”really stepping up their game”.

One of Laura’s first finds was a vibrating t-bar massaging tool in a stunning copper colour.

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Retailing for £7, this product, according to the white packaging, helps to stimulate your blood circulation promoting healthier and younger looking skin.

Primark also claimed that daily use of the tool will shape your face, with the vibrating motions lifting and tightening the muscles.

Another beauty gadget promising similar results, Laura revealed, is their micro dermabrasion tool in baby pink.

Those who purchase this £10 product will be left with a cleaner and brighter looking skin, as the high frequency vibrations work their magic by cleaning pores and assisting in blood circulation.

Blackheads – though nothing to be worried about or ashamed of is a common skin concern for many.

For those those keen to get rid of them, Primark has come up with a solution – a suction tool.

This £10 miracle device, the packaging said, will remove blackheads, clean oils, impurities and dust particles from pores.

Coming with four removable suction heads, the gadget is also supposed to improve skin elasticity and help with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Another beauty tool – and the most adorable on the list – is a skincare fridge.

Available in baby pink – this seems to be the running theme in this collection – the miniature fridge (£38) is used to keep all your skincare products chilled and organised.

The multi-function switch it comes with means beauty fans can cool or warm the fridge according to their preference.

The best part? Primark has also included stickers, so you can decorate the gadget to your liking.

Last but not least, for those into DIY at-home SPA treatments, the brand has launched a face steamer.

Not only will this £12 tool beauty tool open up your pores and hydrate your skin but it will also, according to the packaging, help to absorb skincare products – a must for those who splash out on dozens of products but never see any results.

Whilst some took it to comments to tag their friends, one joked: ”anyone else thought that micro dermabrasion thing was something else entirely.”

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A second agreed, adding: ”Thought primark had gone bit spicy.”

”oooh I need a facial steamer,” a fan was excited.

The £38 mini fridge comes with stickers and an AC adapter

The £38 mini fridge comes with stickers and an AC adapterCredit: tiktok

Primark has just launched a new beauty rage - and fans couldn't be more excited

Primark has just launched a new beauty rage – and fans couldn’t be more excitedCredit: Getty


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