My make-up artist posted a picture of me online… I was stunned when I saw what she’d done to it

WHEN Instagram pro Izabella collaborated with a make-up artist she at least expected to be able to recognise herself.

In a bid to promote both of their social media accounts, the pair teamed up to create a sultry make-up look.

NINTCHDBPICT000717501191Credit: izabellaris/Tik Tok

When the artist posted a picture of the finished look on Instagram later that day Izabella was baffled.

Although the artist applied a lot of heavy make-up, there was something off.

The picture looked nothing like the Insta queen, it was obvious it had been edited.

Completely smoothing out her skin and seemingly adding a tanning filter it looked nothing like her.

“She gave me MJ’s nose,” the beauty hopeful joked, referencing Michael Jackson’s nose which was famously altered by surgery.

Izabella’s natural nose, which was already button-like, had been shrunk significantly.

Having done collaborations with other people and brands before she probably was sure the project would run smoothly.

“I was lowkey offended,” She confessed to her followers.

Viewers of the video couldn’t believe what the makeup artist had done: “It’s such false advertising if they do that!!”


NINTCHDBPICT000717501190Credit: izabellaris/Tik Tok

Another commented that they had a similar experience: “This happened to me too, I looked ridiculous after it was too much!”

A seconded added: “OMG that happened to someone I know, they changed everything. Literally EVERYTHING.”

Izabella, replied adding that: ” I fully thought I needed a nose job after seeing it.”

Other viewers were reassuring: “You don’t need any editing!!!”

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