You’ve been applying mascara all wrong

APPLYING mascara seems pretty straightforward – but according to one whizz we’ve been doing it all wrong.

No make-up look is complete with fluttery lashes and, it turns out, there is a right way of using mascara .

Mansi regularly shares make-up and beauty hacks on social mediaCredit: Instagram/_mansi_kukreja

Curling your lashes five times is the secret to a stunning look

Curling your lashes five times is the secret to a stunning lookCredit: Instagram/_mansi_kukreja

In a short clip posted on Instagram, Mansi Kukreja (@_mansi_kukreja), from Dehradun, India, revealed the Dos and Don’t of this must-have beauty product.

When getting ready to finish the final look before dashing out of the house, many tend to use a lash curler prior to applying mascara.

This, according to the social media-famous guru, is where beauty lovers go wrong – in order to achieve a more eye-catching result, you have to curl the lashes more than twice.

After curling one side just two times and the other one five times, Mansi demonstrated the stark difference it made.

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Her right eye, where the lashes were curled less, appeared not as open and bright as the left one.

But it’s not just the lash curler that can create a more stunning look – a lot of, the video revealed, also comes down to how you apply the mascara.

While using the brush from roots to tips will definitely give you some volume and length, there’s another, more effective, method, Mansi showed.

Instead, try applying your mascara on lengths – this, as demonstrated in the Instagram tutorial, will make the lashes appear less thick and heavy, making for a more fluttery look.

If necessary, Mansi claimed, remove any excess and repeat the process until you’ve achieved the desired look.

Although the beauty lover didn’t reveal which product she was using in the video, eagle-eyed viewers pointed out it’s Lash Paradise by L’Oreal.

Allegedly being a dupe for Better Than Sex by Too Faced, Lash Paradise can be found in drugstore shops and online.

Mansi’s beauty video has gone viral, racking up an overall of 235,000 likes on Instagram, with many taking it to comments to thank her.

”as someone not raised to wear makeup, my mom did not wear or believe in makeup lol, I find this SO HELPFUL. My gooodness how have I not heard this before [sic] ?!?” wrote someone.

”I’ve always apply it to the tops of my lashes [sic]. my mom told me to do that 12 years ago lol,” a fellow make-up fanatic claimed.

But not everyone was a fan, with one critic thinking: ”Or we could just stop with the “right” and “wrong”, “do” and “don’t” nonsense and just let people experiment with makeup in a way that helps them look and feel their best.”

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A second warned: ”Don’t remove excess mascara on the lip. Germ city. Remove on a clean tissue.”

”These are definitely good do’s if you want to damage the delicate cuticle and have your lashes fall out,” someone else added.

Applying your mascara from roots will make them appear shorter and clumpier, Mansi demonstrated

Applying your mascara from roots will make them appear shorter and clumpier, Mansi demonstratedCredit: Instagram/_mansi_kukreja


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