You’ve been using purple shampoo wrong & it’s all about the timing

IF you’re a blonde, have highlights or silver locks, you will know the importance of purple shampoo – a holy grail for those who want to remove brassy undertones.

However, if your routine usually involves applying this lightening elixir onto wet hair whilst you’re in the shower, a beauty guru might convince you to change this.

It might get a little messyCredit: TiKTok / @milenapui

The balayage specialist left the product to work its magic for five minutes

The balayage specialist left the product to work its magic for five minutesCredit: TiKTok / @milenapui

In a short clip on TikTok, the fashion and hair fan, Milena (@milenapui), from the UK, revealed why it’s best to use purple shampoo on dry hair.

At the start of the viral video – it’s been viewed more than 1.6 million times over the course of two days – Milena could be seen standing in front of a bright ring light whilst she squeezed a generous amount of the toning product onto her dry locks.

Although not mentioned in the clip, it is worth noting wearing a top you wouldn’t mind getting ruined – and possibly binned – would also be a good idea.

She then proceeded to use her hands to evenly distribute the shampoo all throughout the hair and then left it do its magic for five minutes.

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Once the time was up, she rinsed the product out and demonstrated the final outcome.

Wearing a black top with two gold pendant necklaces, Milena had transformed her slightly brassy hair into stunning cool-toned blonde locks she had also styled.

In fact, the results were so good, some were convinced she had gone to a salon to get it done – a claim the whizz rebuked.

Whilst most purple shampoos tend to be drying, Milena claimed hers felt ”great” – although she did admit to using a mask after the treatment.

But whilst she appeared to love the end look, not everyone was a fan, with some claiming it didn’t work.

”mine turned purple. just sayin’,” one critic complained, whilst a second added: ”I have it and it does not work.”

Someone else warned hair lovers: ”Don’t do this for more then 5 min with olaplex 2 months later my hair still lavender [sic].”

However, it wasn’t all negative feedback, as others took it to comments to support Milena, like this person: ”Yup this is what I do and have been for 5 years.”

”Fun fact, the pigment takes better to dry hair. Basically the water fills your hair and it doesn’t adhere as fast and as much!” a fellow whizz explained the logic behind this hack.

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Milena is a UK-based beauty blogger and balayage specialist who regularly shares stunning looks and tutorials on her social media.

Her videos have amassed her a total of 831,000 likes on TikTok, as well as close to 65,000 followers.

Milena uses this method once a month

Milena uses this method once a monthCredit: TiKTok / @milenapui


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