My bloke dumped me for eating Maltesers on our date

GOING TO the cinema means snacks, right?

A big bag of popcorn, some chocolate and sweets and you’re set to go.

For many of us, a trip to the cinema means lots of snacksCredit: Getty

But one woman has taken to Mumsnet to reveal that she was dumped by her man over cinema snacks.

And no, they didn’t have an argument about sharing the snacks, it’s weirder than that.

The woman revealed that she had bought a big bag of Maltesers for their cinema date but it ended up ending their relationship, after her man wasn’t happy that she decided to eat them before the film had come on…

The woman took to Mumset to explain what happened and it’s safe to say that it’s left us open-mouthed.

She said: “I’ve been seeing someone for a few weeks. We went to the cinema last night and he bought popcorn and I bought a big bag of Maltesers.

“I opened them when we sat down and began eating them.”

The majority of us are guilty of this – who actually waits until the film starts before cracking open the treats?

Well, her man was less than impressed and said: “Why don’t you wait until the film starts?”.

The woman revealed that she “just laughed and said ‘too tempting’ as a joke.”

However, her man seemed strangely irritated by this and then began acting off with the woman.

She continued: “He seemed irritated and said something like ‘you won’t have any left by time the film starts’. 

“This got my back up a bit and I just carried on as I was.


“I finished the bag around 10 minutes into the film. 

“I saw him watching me and felt his disapproval, but why? It didn’t affect him, he had his popcorn.

“He was really grumpy throughout the film and afterwards was quite off with me. 

“We were meant to be going for something to eat but he said he wasn’t really in the mood and would be heading home.”

Calling their date night short, the woman explained that she then text the man at the end of the night to find out the cause of his change in attitude.

But she was shocked when he text back and told her he didn’t think their romance would work out.

She added: “Before I went to bed I text him asking if I’d done something to upset him and he replied, ‘I don’t think this will work out, it’s nothing personal.’ I replied, ‘Ok no worries’.

“It’s been bugging me all day as before we sat down in the cinema he was absolutely fine! 

“We were laughing and joking, no bad feelings at all, and he literally changed as soon as we sat down.”

Mumsnet users were baffled by the story and many of them thought that the woman had a lucky escape. 

One person said: “No not dumped. You’ve had a lucky escape!! Imagine how controlling he would be about other things! You should be jumping for joy for escaping that!” 

Another added: “If he dumped you over that, he was probably doing you a huge favour. If I buy popcorn at the cinema, at least half is gone before the film starts.”

A third commented: “By the sounds of it you’ve had a lucky escape! Who doesn’t eat at least half the snacks before the film starts!?”

Another said: “He sounds awful! I thought everyone tucked into the snacks as soon as they sat down.”

The woman revealed that her man was grumpy and off with her after she began eating her Maltesers before the film had started and then dumped her shortly after

The woman revealed that her man was grumpy and off with her after she began eating her Maltesers before the film had started and then dumped her shortly afterCredit: Getty

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