My face was covered in pus-filled spots after snogging my boyfriend

SHE had been enjoying a passionate snog with her bearded boyfriend.

But Jaleigh Robbins was left horrified when her face erupted in pus-filled spots just days later.

Jaleigh Robbins took to TikTok to reveal she’d been left with a bacterial infection after kissing her bearded boyfriendCredit: @jaleighrobbins2023/Tiktok

Her chin was covered in pus-filled spots and angry red patches

Her chin was covered in pus-filled spots and angry red patchesCredit: @jaleighrobbins2023/Tiktok

She took to TikTok to post a video of the situation, which showed her with her head in her hands as she wrote: “Kisses my boyfriend with facial hair thinking nothing of it.”

Jaleigh’s video then flashed to a shot of her chin covered in pus-filled spots and red patches.

“Bacterial infection,” she wrote.

She captioned the video writing: “it was a long two weeks.”

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People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in on Jaleigh’s situation, with one writing: “This is literally the second video I’ve seen with this same thing ….”

“This can actually happen!! there’s a lot of bacteria stored in the beard that’s why men should take care of it a little more than when they’re shower,” another added.

“That’s why we stick w the clean shaven kings,” someone else wrote.

Another comment read: “This has never happened to me do they not wash their face?”

Jaleigh then returned to the comments to admit she had only reacted so badly because she’d had an appointment at the salon beforehand.

“OMG it was from a facial and the tanning bed which made my skin super sensitive and then it just made it worse,” she wrote.

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But someone else replied, writing: “I’m an Esthetician and that shouldn’t be caused by a facial or the tanning bed.

“Unless their tools weren’t cleaned. Impetigo is caused by dirt/bacteria.”

Jaleigh was mortified by the situation

Jaleigh was mortified by the situationCredit: @jaleighrobbins2023/Tiktok


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