My wife went from looking like a model to looking homeless

A MAN has taken to Reddit to complain that his wife let herself go during the pandemic.

The anonymous poster explained that before the coronavirus crisis began, his wife of six years “would always dress for a runway”.

A husband has caused anger online by saying his wife has let herself go during the pandemic (stock)Credit: Alamy

“She would have on make-up, heels, dresses, perfume, smooth skin etc,” he added.

But when the pandemic meant she started working from home, Grace “stopped her beauty routine and spent most of the days in long T-shirts, shorts, sweat pants or her pyjamas”.

“While this bothered me cause I like having a beautiful wife I figured it was till her job got moved back to the office,” he continued.

When things started opening up again, his job moved back to the office but Grace opted to continue working from home.

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“Her wardrobe has completely changed in the two years of the pandemic!” he wrote.

“She hardly wears her dresses, cute shirts, skirts, make-up or anything like before.

“It’s men’s T-shirts with sayings on them like I’m Grumpy, jeans, sweat pants, and tennis shoes.

“And she has COMPLETELY stopped shaving and waxing.

“Now she’ll dress up a bit if we go out or if we have company but thats it. Grace tells me it’s too much work.”

When he decided to take his wife out for a date night, he suggested an “expensive restaurant”, but Grace said no and suggested they get a takeaway.

“When I refused she suggest a restaurant like IHOP or Chili’s,” he continued.

“Her excuse? She didn’t feel like shaving her legs for one of her dresses and wanted to be comfortable.”

He then snapped at her and told her “it wouldn’t hurt you to dress up for once”.

But she then hit back at told him he only liked her for her looks.

The pair aren't talking after he asked her to 'dress up for once' for their date night (stock)

The pair aren’t talking after he asked her to ‘dress up for once’ for their date night (stock)Credit: Getty

“I told her I was just tired of feeling like I’m living with a homeless woman,” he said.

“Grace ended up locking herself in our bedroom. I know my words were harsh.

“I ordered a pizza and tried to apologise but Grace wouldn’t open the door. I slept on the couch.

“Right now Grace is still giving me the cold shoulder, refusing to speak to me or be in the same room as me.”

He concluded: “I know I hurt her feelings with my words however I think this is depression or isolation from the pandemic since before Grace had no problem looking like a model.”

Following the man’s post, people flocked to the comments section to slam him for his remarks.

“But didn’t you hear him?” one person wrote. “‘He likes to have a beautiful wife!’

“His possession shouldn’t be human, it should be a dressed-up Barbie.

“I can’t believe this post is real. You’re the asshole, and that is an understatement for your behaviour and expectations.”

“If you want a perfect doll, Mattel makes Barbie,” another person wrote.

“Your wife on the other hand is a human being with thoughts and feelings that you seem to care nothing about.

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“Honestly, I hope she takes a good hard look at the man you have shown her you are and reassess your relationship.

“Maybe your next doll will be of the blow-up variety.”


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