Searches for phone charms are up as the Y2K resurgence continues

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Forget what you’ve heard: the Y2K resurgence is still very much ongoing, and we don’t think it’s disappearing anytime soon.

The 00s fashion revival, characterised by low-rise jeans, beads, butterflies and lots of velour, has seeped into our wardrobes, hairdressers and even tattoo parlours.

For some, the idea of going back to the reign of Paris Hilton and skinny eyebrows is enough to make them run for the hills, but the trend has been spurred on by Gen Z who don the old noughties trends on TikTok and Instagram.

The latest 00s revival trend? Phone charms.

Yup – those little charms we used to personalise our Motorola flip phones are back, baby.

And they’re back with a vengeance: new research from mobile phone retailer Mozillion  has revealed that interest for ‘phone charms’ has boomed by 647% over the past year (according to Google search data). 

Searches for ‘phone straps’, another name for phone charms, are also up by 1,258%.

Mozillion founder Len Leeson said: ‘Our phones play such a significant role in our everyday lives, and for many people are also something that we use to reflect part of our personality. 

‘The many colour options that are available on the market are just one way of making our phones more personal to us, so it’s to be expected that many people will want to take that even further.  

‘The nineties and noughties saw people around the world adding charms to the cases of their phones, and as we can see from the data, with the trend seeing a 647% rise in searches from 2020 to 2021, it’s still something that piques our interest. 

‘Likewise, phone straps, pendants and grips are a practical, but also highly customisable and fashionable way of ensuring our phones remain intact and free from any smashed screens.’

The trend can be spotted seeping into popular culture, too, with celebs like Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa posing with eclectic beads dangling from their iPhones: an almost oxymoronic image.

Urban Outfitters, the go-to retailer for any Y2K fashion girly worth their salt, is also cashing in on the trend, with beaded phone charms designed to fit in between the gaps of any modern phone case going for £24.

UK brand Skinnydip has also hopped on the trend, with similar phone charms going for £10.

While the Y2K revival isn’t for everyone, this one is giving Lizzie McGuire and, frankly, we can’t get enough of it. 

Our fave phone charms on the market right now

Skinnydip London Yin Yang beaded phone strap

Yin Yang Beaded Phone Strap

Nice and simple (Picture: Skinny Dip London)

A simple but still very stylish phone strap bringing an element of 2022 into the early noughties trend.

Buy for £10 from Skinnydip London

Monki Colourful bead phone chain

Colourful bead phone chain

The cutest pendants (Picture: Monki)

This pastel phone charm from Monki certainly understood the assignment – wouldn’t be a Y2K trend without a butterfly charm, would it?

Buy for £6 from Monki

Urban Outfitters Y2K phone charm

Y2K Phone Charm

Heart eyes (Picture: Urban Outfitters)

To be fair to Urban Outfitters, not all of their phone charms are on the higher end of the price range, and this little love-heart phone charm is a Y2K necessity.

Buy for £6 from Urban Outfitters

H&M Mobile phone case accessories set

Mobile phone case accessories set

H&M’s phone charm comes as part of a set with a super cute Power Puff Girls themed phone case.

The bubblegum pink and blue beads are the perfect pop of colour for an old, white iPhone.

Buy for £4.99 from H&M

Powerpuff Girls x Skinnydip beaded charm phone strap

Powerpuff Girls x Skinnydip Beaded Charm Phone Strap

Skinnydip has loads of phone charms to choose from, and we love this PPG themed product (the second on the list because, really, what is more Y2K than the Power Puff Girls?).

Buy for £10 from Skinnydip London

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