UK Covid cases drop 17% in a week with 80,830 new infections as 17,685 patients in hospital

DAILY Covid infections in the UK have dropped by 17 per cent in a week.

Another 80,830 new cases have been reported today, last Tuesday there were 94,524.

It comes ahead of major testing rule changes on Friday – where Brits will have to pay to check if they have the bug, unless in at-risk groups.

Deaths have increased on from yesterday and a week ago, with 303 tragic new fatalities logged in the last 24 hours.

Patients in hospital have increased, with the latest data showing there were 17,685 people with Covid on wards on Friday.

But this is a pattern that follows any rise in cases, which we have seen over the last few weeks.

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Cases increase, then start to stabilise, but hospitalisations and deaths follow behind, rising at a lag.

Omicron is a milder strain than previous Covid variants, with most people recovering at home after a few days.

Vaccines provide the best protection to keep you and your loved ones safe, and should help keep the virus less severe if you do catch it.

Vulnerable Brits and people over 75 who are six months on from their booster, can have a Spring dose.

Their immunity may be waning now, and with Omicron’s subvariant BA.2 faster spreading, they have been urged to book in for a top up dose.

From April 1, people in England will no longer be able to get a free PCR test on the NHS, unless they are considered high risk.

And lateral flow tests, which have been the staple of home testing, will no longer be free unless you are in a certain risk group.

Instead Brits will have to go to high street stores selling one swab for around £1.99.

It comes after the Health Secretary urged Brits who catch the virus to act like they have flu.

And he said that people who test positive should still self-isolate for at least four or five days before returning to work.

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He said ministers are not worried about rising cases, which was “always going to be the case” as the country ended all restrictions.

But he said anyone with Covid symptoms should try to avoid others until they feel better, and test if they can.

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