Mum praised for sharing relatable video of how she’s coping in the Easter holidays (spoiler alert

As Easter Sunday fast approaches, so too does the return to school for children around the country.

And with that comes a collective sigh of relief from parents who have run themselves ragged trying to keep their offspring entertained during the three-week break.

Cat Sims revealed that she, like so many other mums, is drowning during the Easter holidasCredit: TikTok

She showed her cloakroom - covered in shoes piled high and coats

She showed her cloakroom – covered in shoes piled high and coatsCredit: TikTok

As well as the

As well as the “stair pile” that’s been there for a good two weeksCredit: TikTok

As the holidays near their end, one mum has taken to TikTok to share an honest look at how the break has affected her, and her house.

“I’ve had so many messages from people saying ‘Oh you look like you’re bossing the Easter Holidays…. I’m drowning! How are you doing it?’” Cat Sims began.

“I am not doing it. I’m going to take you on a tour of my house and my life to show you exactly how I’m not doing it.”

“The top of my fridge is apparently where all the s**t goes to die,” she continued.

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Turning the camera to show several large boxes of cereal, she added: “I have literally just bought a load more cereal – I didn’t even know that was up there.”

Cat then admitted she’s “embarrassed” of her dirty washing machine drawer.

“Every time I open it I’m like, ‘oh I should clean that…’ but then I realise there’s just not enough hours in the day’,” she said.

Next up was the cloakroom, where a huge mound of shoes could be seen piled on the floor beneath the coats.

“Do you know what the really funny thing is?” she asked.

“I lose my shit with my kids when they can’t find their shoes.

“Is it any f**king surprise they can’t find their shoes?”

Cat’s tour continued with a look at the downstairs bathroom, which formerly had a bath in it but they ripped out and haven’t had chance to fix the wall where it used to be.

“This is our cat, he was sick, I haven’t cleaned that bed,” she sighed, before admitting the cleaning product cupboard bring her out in “hives”.

Lastly, Cat showed a huge pile of things waiting to be taken upstairs.

“This stair pile has been there for about a week, probably longer,” she said.

“So please, follow me for more tips on how to live like an Instaw**ker,” she concluded.

Referencing the start of her video, Cat captioned it: “WE ARE ALL DROWNING.”

And after sharing the clip, she was praised by fellow mothers for posting something so relatable.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” one person wrote.

“My house looks the same (if not, a little worse)! Your honesty makes me feel a bit more like a normal person!”

While another added: “This makes us feel that we are normal! Life is busy, certain things are not a priority!

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“Life isn’t about a perfectly clean and organised house!”

And a third commented: “Absolutely love your honesty. In a selfish way, you’ve made me feel okay and normal. Thank you.”

Cat also shared a look at her grotty and grimy washing machine drawer

Cat also shared a look at her grotty and grimy washing machine drawerCredit: TikTok

And the cupboard that she says "brings her out in hives"

And the cupboard that she says “brings her out in hives”Credit: TikTok


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