Mum shares what you should do in the seconds after you lose your child in a crowded place

LOOSING your kid can be petrifying.

If it’s in a crowded place it’s easy to go into panic mode.

The mum’s advice is invaluable to parents everywhereCredit: instagram @tinyheartseducation

Once the sun comes out parks will be jam packed of kids running around.

Even if you keep your eyes on them constantly they can still got lost in the hustle and bustle of it all.

This mum recently took to Instagram to share her top tip for if you ever get separated from your kid in a busy place.

She shared that she lost her son, Wolf, in a very crowded place remembered a trick she’d heard before.

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“Please if you lose your child it’s important to start yelling, don’t quietly look around,” the mum shared.

Instead as soon as you can no longer see them shout out that you have lost your child and what they are wearing.

The Aussie mum said: “I did this and immediately has 20 adults searching for him.”

“The play centre was multi-level and I’d never been there before,” she shared.

“One minute he was with me the next he was gone, as soon as I realised my heart sank in a panic and I frantically looked for him.

“Then I remembered seeing something and instead of staying quiet I started yelling.”

Luckily her two-year-old son, Wolf, was found within a matter of minutes.

Her top parenting tip has already helped one mum, who revealed that the tip helped her find her kid in a crowded market.

Viewers of the video were thankful for the advice: “Also good if someone’s trying to abduct your child, people will realise it’s an actual abduction and not a toddler struggling against their parent.”

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Another said: “A mum did this an airport once, the child could’ve gone one of three ways so the mum stood in the middle and started yelling and describing the girl, she was found very quickly.”

A third added: “Got chills listening to this, so scary but thank you for this info!”

Make sure everyone in the area can hear you

Make sure everyone in the area can hear youCredit: instagram @tinyheartseducation

A description of what they're wearing and what they look like will help them be found

A description of what they’re wearing and what they look like will help them be foundCredit: instagram @tinyheartseducation

Act quickly so that they can't wander further off

Act quickly so that they can’t wander further offCredit: instagram @tinyheartseducation


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