My baby came so fast I had him alone & let my husband know while he was at work..he couldn’t believe when I texted him

WHEN it comes to labour, it’s different for every pregnant woman.

While for some it can excruciatingly go on for days, for others, it’s over in a flash.

Kim, who lives in Australia, took to TikTok and explained how she didn’t know she was in active labourCredit: tiktok

Kim's baby made an unexpected arrival, so she let her husband know rather casually over text

Kim’s baby made an unexpected arrival, so she let her husband know rather casually over textCredit: tiktok

And luckily for one woman, who is from the US, her baby was keen to enter the world in a hurry.

Alongside a TikTok video which has received over 135,000 likes, Kim explained: “That time I had my baby by myself and casually letting my husband know while he was at work.”

She captioned the post: “That was an interesting experience.”

In a short clip, she shared a brief text exchange with her husband, where he can be seen seen asking: “What are you doing?”

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In response, the woman shares an adorable snap of her newborn baby and joked: “Just chillin’.”

The woman went on to share her husband’s response and explained how he was “really bummed he couldn’t make it,” but left work as soon as she’d sent the text.

And it wasn’t long before amused social media users took to the comments section to discuss the rather unique birthing story.

One person asked: “Why didn’t you tell him? Did baby come really fast?” to which Kim replied: “Yes baby came that fast, I was fine in the morning, told him to go to work and I’ll let him know if anything happens.”

She added: “I honestly didn’t know I was in active labour till I went for a quick check-up in the hospital that day and had the baby within 4mins.”

Another wrote: “I didn’t wanna bother you,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

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Kim responded: “Literally the definition of this situation.”

A third added: “This is the best.”

Elsewhere, another penned: “My labour lasted 3 days. I DREAM of a 4 minute delivery with my next.”

Kim shared her unusual birthing story on TikTok

Kim shared her unusual birthing story on TikTokCredit: tiktok


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