My friend wants to name her baby after an STI

A WOMAN has infuriated her pregnant friend after pointing out she wanted to name her baby after an STI.

The anonymous woman took to Reddit to air her frustrations after her conversation with her friend.

Many Reddit users agreed with the friend and said the others were worse to not say anything about the nameCredit: Getty

She explained that the mum-to-be, who was five months pregnant often came to her friend group to discuss potential baby names.

“Yesterday we all got together to hang out and she told us her latest favorite. Chlamydia.” She revealed.

The mum-to-be continued saying she was obsessed with the name ever since reading The Odyssey in high school and always liked her Greek Mythology stories.

At this point, the friend said she realised she was going on about the character Clytemnestra, but the mum wouldn’t budge.

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After bringing up a Google search on the phone, the mu finally acknowledged her friend was right but was miffed for the rest of the afternoon.

When the group parted ways the friend received a text saying: “I was a bad friend for embarrassing her in front of everyone like that.

“She says I could have brought it up in private and didn’t need to be so condescending about it.

“She was just talking about a name she liked and I made her feel like an idiot.”

The woman ignored the text, as she thought her friend was being an idiot basing the name of her child on a book she hadn’t read for years and getting the name confused with an STI.

She added: “A simple google search before getting so attached to the name would have solved the problem before there was one.”

But now, other friends are claiming she was in the wrong and should apologise for embarrassing her friend.

Reddit users didn’t agree though, one wrote: “If she’s old enough to be pregnant, she should be old enough to know what chlamydia is. She embarrassed herself.”

“You didn’t embarrass her – every single person within earshot already clocked her mistake – you were the only person decent enough to correct her.” Another user commented.

A third said: “You were the only real friend there if no one else was gonna say anything.”


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