My sister is calling her baby after an actual crime

WHEN someone tells you the name they’re planning on calling their baby, the correct reaction is to gush over how cute it is – regardless of whether you actually like it.

But what happens when that little bundle of joy is your nephew? And the name your sister has picked is really questionable?

The mum-to-be was devastated by her sister’s reaction to her baby nameCredit: Getty

Well this is the exact scenario one teen has found herself in – and rather than keep quiet, she decided she HAD to say something.

Sharing her dilemma on Reddit, the woman explained how her 25-year-old is currently expecting her first baby and announced that it’s a girl.

She wrote: “On Saturday, her and her boyfriend asked my family (mom dad and little bro) out to dinner to talk about her baby name.”

After placing their orders at the restaurant, the teen’s sister dropped the bombshell that they’re calling their daughter Arson.

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The woman continued: “There was a long pause and I finally said, ‘are you being serious?’

“She got kind of defensive and just said, ‘yeah we like the name and it’s unique.'”

Not mincing her words, the teenager then told her sister the name “sucked” and informed her she’s naming her baby after a crime.

She continued: “She got really angry and her and her boyfriend got up and left.

“Later that night she sent an angry text to my parents saying they were raising me to be an opinionated brat with no respect.” 

What’s more, the mum-to-be said her parents should have stood up for her at the restaurant.

Taking the mum-to-be’s side, the teen’s parents have told her she needs to apologise – but her sister won’t take her calls.

After turning to the forum for advice, the future aunt was told she’d done the right thing by voicing her opinion.

“It’s a terrible name,” one replied. “Someone needed to say something.”

Another joked: “You can always get back in her good graces and say, ‘Who can resist a little Arson? I’m sure she’ll be a real firecracker. I mean, having a face that cute has got to be a crime! And someday, she’ll be a great big sister to future siblings, Felony and Larceny.'”

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Meanwhile, a third wrote: “Good for you for standing up for your future niece. That’s an unfortunate name.

“Parents shouldn’t be allowed to name their kids ridiculous stuff like that.”


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