My son was terrified at bedtime because of the Ring camera in his room

A MUM and dad were left stunned when their son told them that the Ring camera in his room had been talking to him at night.

A video of their discussion with their son was shared on TikTok Fran Chelle, with the clip beginning with the dad putting his son to bed, and the little boy saying: “Oh no! Look at this.”

A little boy stunned his parents when he told them the Ring camera in his room had been talking to himCredit: @franchelle0/Tiktok

He then told his father that he didn’t like the thing “up there” to which his dad realised he was talking about the camera.

“This one? You don’t want it? Why?” he asked his son.

His little boy then said something, to which he replied: “It’s talking, at night?”

He then called his other half, telling her: “Babe, Junior is saying that the camera is talking to him at night.”

He told his dad that it was the camera on his shelf

He told his dad that it was the camera on his shelfCredit: @franchelle0/Tiktok

His mum was also shocked and scared by her three-year-old's revelation

His mum was also shocked and scared by her three-year-old’s revelationCredit: @franchelle0/Tiktok

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She then came into the room and asked her son what the camera says.

“It’s saying ‘I want ice cream’,” he said.

“And it must be true because he said that before,” the dad said.

The mum then asked her son whether or not if it’s a girl or boy talking, to which he replied that it’s a boy.  

Fran shared the video after posting another clip where her son exclaimed that the camera had talked to him, on which someone had written: “This is scary and have heard so many stories on these ring cameras.

“A lot of people know how to hack without leaving a trace.”

And upon sharing the new camera footage, which was taken two nights later, Fran wrote: “We unplugged the camera that night… “

Another person commented that they didn’t think the little boy was making it up, with Fran replying: “He is only 3, learning to speak.

“I don’t believe he was making it up either, he is explaining too many details.”

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And someone else reassured other parents by saying that “the old baby monitors that don’t connect to the internet can’t be hacked”.

Fran added that she also contacted Ring about the alleged hack but was told that, after an investigation, they’d found no sign of “suspicious activity” on her camera.


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