People slam me for co-sleeping with my kids but I slept in my mum’s bed ‘til I was 12

A WOMAN has hit back at those who criticise her for co-sleeping with her kids, insisting she slept in bed with her mum until she was 12.

Leanna Allen is a stay at home mum of three, and regularly shares parenting advice on her TikTok page – from baby wearing to potty training and everything in between.

Leanna Allen responded to co-sleeping critics in a video on her TikTok pageCredit: tiktok

She insisted she doesn't even consider moving her kids into their own room until at least 12 months old

She insisted she doesn’t even consider moving her kids into their own room until at least 12 months oldCredit: tiktok

In a recent video, Leanna responded to those who criticise her for co-sleeping with her brood.

Sharing a gorgeous video of one of her children enjoying a nighttime wrestle with her, she wrote over the top of the clip: “Me when people tell me to make my baby sleep in their own room, not knowing I coslept with my mum until 12.”

“Anyone else?” she captioned the video.

“I was flabbergasted. On a real note, when do you sleep train?

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“I’m thinking more like 12 months.”

Despite her video, Leanna still faced criticism in the comments section.

“omg 12? i was in my own room by 6 months and so was my daughter,” one person wrote.

To which Leanna replied: “Only way to be close or spend time together sometimes.

“I personally don’t sleep train until 12 months. I can’t handle it before then lol.”

“I never slept with my parents and neither do my kids it’s not appropriate,” another person wrote.

“I enjoy sleeping peacefully with my husband haha my daughter was in her room at 3 months,” a third commented.

But others were on Leanna’s side, with one writing: “I slept with my parents too, and my babies sleep with me now.”

Another added: “My three month old sleeps with me, and I slept with my mom until I was 5 – it’s such a special thing!”

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And a third wrote: “I coslept till 11 … and moved my own daughter at 6 months.

“I don’t know how my mom managed!”


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