Adventurous cat called Sodapop loves to surf, hike, and swim

This is Sodapop – she loves to have big adventures (Picture: @skittles_and_gingin/ Caters News)

Meet Sodapop – a very special cat.

Not just because she has heterochromia (two differently coloured eyes), or because she’s a rather fancy-sounding Khao Mane and Siberian mixed breed.

No, what makes Sodapop so remarkable is this is a feline who loves to go on adventures with her owner, Denise Ciantar, 46.

The four-year-old pet, who lives in Queensland, Australia has travelled to the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, and Brisbane – and taken on some exciting challenges along the way.

Her high-adrenaline hobbies include surfing, swimming in the ocean, and hiking up mountains.

Denise, who works as a carer, said: ‘I have been bringing Sodapop on my travels for the last two years – since she was a kitten!

‘I first started taking her to get pictures for Instagram but after that, it turned out to be a fun adventure and I really love going out with her for fun now.

‘I get a great satisfaction from getting a good photo or video in a scenic location and my favourite is where she’s posing in front of a waterfall.

‘Sodapop has a special bubble backpack that allows her to see out and gives her protection from the weather.

a rare white cat called Sodapop with heterochromia, out on an adventure

The four-year-old cat goes on all sorts of adventures with her owner, Denise (Picture: @skittles_and_gingin/ Caters News)

‘We like standing out with our pictures and that’s why some of the pictures seem daring and dramatic.’

The key for keeping Sofapop chilled and happy while trekking is leading by example, believes Denise.

a rare white cat called Sodapop with heterochromia, out on an adventure

The wilder, the better (Picture: @skittles_and_gingin/ Caters News)

 a rare white cat called Sodapop with heterochromia, out on an adventure

She’s a thrillseeker (Picture: @skittles_and_gingin/ Caters News)

‘If I act happy, relaxed and calm about being in a location then so will she,’ she said.

‘She’s not going to feel at ease with anyone that’s stressed or angry. So I would never act like that or take anyone that acts like that.

‘The cats trust me to keep them safe. They know I’ve got their back and that gives them the confidence to be in those edge of your seat adventures.’

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