Area with the ‘filthiest public toilets in UK’ revealed

Blackpool Council received the most complaints in 2021 (Picture: Getty Images)

Using a public toilet is often fraught with danger as you never know quite how filthy they’re going to be.

But a new study claims to have pinned down which ones we should avoid next time.

The most-complained about public loos in the UK are in Blackpool, according to research from bathroom specialists AQVA.

In 2021, Blackpool Council received 39 complaints from the public, Freedom of Information requests reveal.

Bristol’s public toilets followed with 19 complaints last year, while Swansea’s got 18 and Cambridge’s had 11.

A total of 39 doesn’t seem that high, especially considering the famous seaside resort attracts around 18 million tourists every year – although it’s said to be ‘very rare’ for people to lodge official complaints.

Kevin Merchant, 62, from Blackpool, has claimed it would ‘take an army’ to make sure the toilets were spotless.

‘The public toilets are generally in a right state here in Blackpool, but to be honest it would take an army to clean them all’, he said.

‘In the summer when all the tourists are here, I usually just nip into a pub to use their loos rather then brave the stink of the public toilets.’

The ‘dirtiest and cleanest’ public loos in the UK revealed

The dirtiest public loos in the UK, with the number of official complaints in 2021 were as follows;

1 – Blackpool – 39

2 – Bristol – 19

3 – Swansea – 18

4 – Cambridge – 12

5 – Brighton – 11

6 – Bath – 9

7 – Plymouth – 9

8 – Cardiff – 8

9 – Derby – 8

10 – Worcester – 7

And the cleanest, with the number of official complaints as follows;

1 – Glasgow – 0

2 – Hull – 0

3 – Leeds – 0

4 – Portsmouth – 0

5 – Stoke – 1

6 – Coventry – 2

7 – Sunderland – 3

8 – Oxford – 3

9 – Nottingham – 3

10 – Cheltenham – 4

There are around 4,200 public toilets run by councils around the UK, with 16 run by Blackpool Council.

Meanwhile, the study also revealed that Glasgow, Hull, Leeds and Portsmouth councils had no complaints about their public loos last year.

Glaswegian, Alan Spence, 38, said he was ‘surprised’ that no one had moaned at the council.

He said: ‘I don’t use public conveniences very often, but when I do I get out as soon as possible.

‘There’s normally p*sh all over the floor and the cubicles are usually out of order – it’s quite surprising that nobody at all has complained about them, but even so well done to the council, I suppose.’

A spokesman for AQVA said: ‘While it’s essential to keep our toilets clean at home, we also expect the toilets where we spend a penny out in public to be kept clean too. Unfortunately that’s not always the case,

‘Taking top spot is Blackpool where 39 complaints were registered regarding the cleanliness of public toilets during 2021, with Bristol in second spot with 19.’

Blackpool Council has been contacted for comment.

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