How to cancel your Audible subscription and what plans are available?

Could you go without your audiobooks? (Pictures: Audible/Getty)

The cost of living crisis will affect many, if not most, of us. The soaring cost of energy bills, food bills and more will mean people are seriously reviewing their unnecessary outgoings.

Do you need all of the streaming platforms or could you cancel Netflix? What about cancelling Spotify and opting for the free account if you don’t mind a few ads?

For many of us who love podcasts and audiobooks – be it on our commutes, when trying to sleep or when going for a jog – Audible has an unrivalled library.

But if you’re considering cancelling your plan, here’s what you need to know…

Can you cancel your Audible in-app?

Most of us will use Audible on our tablet or smartphone, so you’d assume you could edit your account details with just a few swipes and clicks.

Alas, you’d be mistaken.

Smartphone screenshot for pausing membership of Audible

You can pause your account for a few months using the app (Picture: Audible)

While you cannot cancel your membership on the app, you are given the choice to pause your account for up to 90 days.

This might be a better option for those trying to review their budgets.

How to cancel your Audible account

You’ll need to open your account on a laptop or computer.

When you’ve opened your account, click or tap Account Details and log in with your Audible/Amazon account information.

Click or tap on Cancel membership under the text box with your current membership information. Choose reason for cancellation and follow the instructions.

After you finish, you will receive an email confirmation.

Screenshot of how to cancel Audible membership

You’ll get an email once you’ve cancelled (Picture: Audible)

If I cancel Audible, do I lose my past purchases?

Nope. Any titles you purchase with a credit or credit card are yours to keep forever.

The only thing you will lose are your rolling credits to use on new books.

What are the different Audible subscriptions and how to get more for your money?

Maybe you’ve decided you can’t live without your Audible, and we get it. A cost of living crisis shouldn’t mean giving up things that bring you joy.

If you want to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal, let’s look at each of the subscriptions.

  • Audible Premium Plus – £7.99/month. Includes 1 credit per month
  • Audible Premium Plus (2 credits)  – £14.99/month. Includes 2 credits per month
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual (12 credits) – £69.99/year. Includes 12 credits per year at time of enrollment
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual (24 credits) – £109.99/year. Includes 24 credits per year at time of enrollment

Man wearing headphones

Is there any better feeling than credit day? (Picture: Getty)

If you have a monthly Premium Plus account at £7.99 per month, you’re looking at £95.88 per year.

By buying the annual account at £69.99 per year, you’re making a saving of £25.89 per year – and you get the exact same number of credits.

If you’re a big Audible user and you’ve been using the monthly Premium Plus account at £7.99 per month (or £95 per year), you could pay £14.99 more for the Premium Plus 24 credit plan and get double the credits for just a little more than what you’ve been paying for 12 credits.

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