My son murdered Sabina Nessa

THE dad of a garage worker who murdered Sabina Nessa says he was “too scared” to apologise to her family. 

Bashkim Selamaj, 73, flew from Albania to see his son Koci Selamaj, 36, being jailed for life after he admitted killing the primary school teacher. 

Sabina Nessa was killed while walking to meet a friend last yearCredit: PA

Twisted Selamaj battered the teacher over the head before strangling her

Twisted Selamaj battered the teacher over the head before strangling herCredit: Rex

Selamaj was branded as an “animal” and a “coward” by the 28-year-old’s heartbroken family after he refused to face them at the two day hearing. 

His horrified dad Bashkim, who was in court with daughter Jolanda Hyseni, told the Sunday Mirror: “My daughter and I wanted to apologise to Sabina’s family for what Koci did.

“We couldn’t find the courage to come face-to-face with Sabina’s sister.

“Her pain is our pain. I have two daughters and do understand what it would be like to lose one.”

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Sabina’s sister Jabina had sobbed as she addressed the court this afternoon, branding Selamaj as a “coward” and a “disgusting animal” after the sicko stalked the streets looking for a lone woman to attack.

Sabina’s parents, Abdur Rouf and Aziban Nessa, told their daughter’s killer that he had “no right” to “touch” her.

Crying as she addressed the court, Jabina said: “Sabina had every right to be walking down the path and enjoying herself.

“She had the right to feel safe. You are an awful human being… what kind of human being does this?”

“You are an awful human being and do not deserve your name to be said. You are a disgusting animal.

“I would do anything to hold her one more time. Knowing our sister won’t walk through our mum’s front door again breaks us.”

Selamaj refused to speak to cops again after they swooped on him at his home in Eastbourne, East Sussex, last year.

He battered the primary school teacher 34 times with a 2ft emergency car sign before strangling her and dumping her body in Kidbrooke, South East London.

The sick killer had travelled from his home to Cator Park where he hid in bushes for 20 minutes, waiting for a lone woman.

He was sentenced to life in prison for murdering Sabina on Friday, and will serve a minimum of 36 years.


Selamaj ambushed Sabina in the “premeditated and predatory” attack as she walked to meet a friend at the pub just minutes from her home.

CCTV footage also shows the monster checking that he wasn’t being watched before running after terrified Sabina, who was a complete stranger to him.

Selamaj also bought a rolling pin from Sainsbury’s in Kidbrooke before the violent and “sexually motivated” attack on Sabina.

The Old Bailey heard that he booked himself into a five-star hotel in Eastbourne to plan out the murder on any woman who crossed his path.

Tragic Sabina’s body was found by a dog walker covered in leaves the next day just 200 yards from her flat.

Mr Justice Nigel Sweeney said Sabina did not deserve to have her life taken in “such a heinous and cowardly way”.

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He added: “Sabina Nessa was a wholly blameless victim of an absolutely appalling murder which was entirely the fault of the defendant, which has added to the sense of insecurity people, particularly woman living in our cities, when walking or travelling alone especially at night.

“She had every right, as her family say, to be walking through the park all glammed up and going to enjoy herself after a long week of work. She died in a way that no one should.”


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