New York: Man who ‘wiped poo on subway rider arrested flashing finger’

Frank Abrokwa was arrested for allegedly violating conditions of his supervised release after being accused of smearing his own excrement on a woman in the New York City subway system (Pictures:

A man accused of smearing his feces on the face of a female New York City subway rider was arrested, while appearing to flash his middle finger, after allegedly throwing a dumbbell in another crime.

Frank Abrokwa, 37, was pictured making the profane hand gesture and acting belligerently while being led into Manhattan Criminal Court for his arraignment on harassment and criminal mischief charges. He allegedly threw a dumbbell through a Harlem storage facility glass window on Friday and threatened an employee there.

Abrokwa was locked up at Rikers Island jail, weeks after being recorded by surveillance cameras wiping his excrement on a woman at the East 241st Street subway station in the Bronx. The 43-year-old victim was sitting on a bench when a man walked towards her with a black plastic bag and smacked the feces on her, without saying a word.

After being arrested, Abrokwa said, ‘S*** happens. Haha. This is a s***ty situaton. Haha,’ according to a criminal complaint.

The incident occurred on February 21, three days after New York City Mayor Eric Adams launched a Subway Safety Plan deploying 1,000 police officers to curb crime in the transit system.

Abrokwa was charged with forcible touching, menacing, harassment and disorderly conduct. However, a judge released him without bail, stating she did not have depositions to review his prior arrests and did not have a reason to hold him.

He is accused of violating conditions of his supervised release from the feces incident. In court for his arraignment on Monday, Abrokwa yelled profanities and dared the judge to give him a bail, according to the Daily Mail. The judge set Abrokwa’s bail at $15,000 and ordered him to have a psychiatric evaluation.

In last week’s latest incident at the Treasure Island Storage Facility, Abrokwa allegedly shouted at the general manager while he was helping another customer. The manager reportedly saw Abrokwa walking away with a dumbbell.

When the manager ‘went to find the defendant to assist him and while walking towards the defendant he observed a window that had been shattered,’ according to a complaint.

The manager said he was picking up broken glass when Abrokwa approached him and said, ‘I want my refund. I’m leaving Monday that is why I broke the glass’, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Abrokwa apparently left but returned to the facility the next day and told a worker: ‘If I don’t get my refund by Monday, I’m gonna come back here and catch a felony.’

His next court date is April 11.

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