Pregnant council worker, 23, leaked address of sex offender to paedo hunters before mob threatened to burn his home down

A PREGNANT council worker leaked a sex offender’s address to a paedophile hunter group before 30 people mobbed his home.

Customer services assistant Chloe Carr, 23, said the sex offender “deserves all he gets” shortly before the group threatened to burn his house down in June 2020.

A pregnant council worker leaked a sex offender’s address to a paedophile hunter groupCredit: MEN Media

Customer services assistant Chloe Carr, 23, said the sex offender "deserves all he gets"

Customer services assistant Chloe Carr, 23, said the sex offender “deserves all he gets”Credit: MEN Media

Hull City Council Worker Carr told a paedophile hunter Facebook group that the man is “bloody awful” and “disgusting” – but asked them not to reveal that she had passed on the confidential information.

The group then went to the offender’s home and made threats to kill him and burn it down, Hull Crown Court heard.

Carr, from Cottingham, Yorkshire, admitted unlawfully disclosing private data to a website without consent – and was fined £500.

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The mum-of-one was employed by an agency to work for the city council – but was working from home and used an employee group chat to communicate with colleagues.

A message was sent from a staff member saying a convicted sex offender had asked for a food parcel to be sent to his emergency accommodation.

His address was shared in the group chat, Hull Live reports.

Chloe – who was pregnant at the time – told a paedophile hunter group that he lived near a school.

She send a screenshot of the man’s address and said: “This can’t come back to me due to my work.”

Carr was thanked by the group, to which she replied: “Please don’t mention it’s come from the council.”

At 6.40pm that day, the sex offender – who cannot be named for legal reasons – told police his house was being mobbed.

He said a 30-person group told him to “get out now or they would kill him and burn down the property”.


Shortly before 7.30pm that night, the anti-paedophile group messaged Carr to say thank you and to confirm the man had been moved.

She replied: “I am so happy. He is bloody awful. Happy to have helped everyone.”

Helen Chapman, mitigating, said Carr was “something of a vulnerable position” at the time she sent the messages as a single mum-to-be.

The defendant gave birth to her son a fortnight later in July 2020.

Miss Chapman added: “It didn’t help that she was working from home.”

Judge Mark Bury said that the offence could have been avoided if there was “a little bit more supervision” of Carr.

Carr was also accused of misconduct in public office – but the offence was dropped.

Judge Bury said: “You are very lucky about that. The offence that you have committed is, in my view, a very serious one that would have carried a sentence of imprisonment.

“I would have locked her up. This is not a public service at all.

“They had done their punishment. It wasn’t for you to give their details out.”

He added: “The problem that this causes is that it destabilises offenders.

“It makes them unpredictable and more likely to commit offences that everyone else is trying their hardest to prevent them from doing.

“It’s not doing a public service at all. It’s a huge disservice.

“I am quite satisfied that you knew what you were doing because you said you didn’t want your name to be mentioned because you would be sacked, which, of course, you were.

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“I hope this has been a lesson. If you work in the public sector again, you just have to remember that you have a grave responsibility with public details.

“You thought you were helping. You were not.”


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