Couple create incredible time capsule home with a different decade in each room

A retro dream (Picture: North News and Pictures)

Ellen Smurthwaite, 23, and her partner Jake Nicholson, 27, are big fans of all things vintage.

So much so that they’ve made their home a shrine to the past, with each room themed around a different decade.

The couple’s Liverpool home has a 1970s living room, a 50s bedroom, a 40s dining room, and a kitchen inspired by a 1950s diner.

It’s all as authentic as possible, as the pair love to dig around for antiques and second-hand fines.

As a result, they’ve managed their DIY transformation for under £600.

Tattoo apprentice Ellen said: ‘I’ve always loved vintage items and

‘Ever since I was 18 I would go to car boot sales and pick out things in my
grandparent’s house I wanted.

‘When I met Jake, we bonded over our love of retro items and knew we wanted to
have a house that reflected different decades.

‘We find everything in charity shops, Amazon or Facebook market. We don’t have a huge budget so this works really well for us as most items are other people’s junk.

the 70s living room

Ellen and and Jake have dedicated each room to a decade (Picture: North News & Pictures Ltd)

Ellen Smurthwaite, 23, and partner Jake Nicholson, 27 sitting in a moving van

The couple managed to kit out their home for under £600 (Picture: North News & Pictures Ltd)

playboy posters in the living room

The living room is pure 70s style (Picture: North News & Pictures Ltd)

‘The living room cost around £400 and the bedroom was under £200.

‘I have a lot of hand-me-downs from grandparents and even have a music box
from World War 2.’

The living room delivers classic 70s vibes with burnt orange and brown wallpaper, a record player, a lava lamp, and Playboy posters on the walls, along with a rather funky zebra print rug.

40s bedroom

We love the painted details on the walls in the 50s bedroom (Picture: North News & Pictures Ltd)

50s inspired bedroom

(Picture: North News & Pictures Ltd)

In the bedroom, you’re transported back to the 50s by bright yellow walls, an antique dresser, and retro lamps – plus a vintage pink hairdryer.

Going all-out retro might seem a bit out-there, but Ellen and Jake absolutely adore their home.

Plus, when the duo shared their interiors on TikTok, people were big fans.

Ellen Smurthwaite, 23, and partner Jake Nicholson, 27

The couple love their unique home (Picture: North News & Pictures Ltd)

Ellen added: ‘It’s lovely to have people comment on how nice our home is.

‘Where we’re from, in Cumbria, we always knew we were a bit different and other people in our circle didn’t really get it.

‘It’s nice to know others enjoy our home and it isn’t an eye sore.’

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