Kensington flat up for rent at £1,100 despite cramped sleep space

The rental is described as a ‘lovely galleried studio’ (Picture: Gumtree)

£1,250 a month in rent could get you a large family house in some parts of the UK.

In Kensington, however, that figure will barely afford you the luxury of sitting up in bed.

A flat in the London borough has been put up to rent, illustrating the premium charged for living in a central location.

Originally priced at £1,100 per month for a single tenant or £1,200 for couples, the property listing has been changed to read: ‘offering great rent at £1250 per calendar month all inclusive.’

Located a stone’s throw to Earl’s Court station, the studio is in easy reach of Harrod’s, Kensington Palace, and swanky Knightsbridge. But once you get inside, things aren’t quite so swanky.

We’ve all heard of mezzanine floors, but whoever renovated this place stretched the definition to its limits, placing the bed just inches from the ceiling on a wooden platform.

Bed in cramped Kensington flat

The sleeping area in the Kensington flat, right underneath the damp-covered ceiling (Picture: Gumtree)

1100 a month flat but the beds a bit of a squeeze

You can reach the elevated bed via a wooden ladder (Picture: Gumtree)

Only reachable by a ladder, the sleeping area has been elevated to make the most of the space. The inhabitant’s ability to actually sleep there, though, hasn’t been factored in.

Because of how high the raised bed has been placed, the only option is to roll across the mattress. Getting into bed the standard way – or, heaven forbid, sitting up when you awaken – is a recipe for bumping your head.

1100 a month flat but the beds a bit of a squeeze

The fireplace in the living room is cute at least (Picture: Gumtree)

1100 a month flat but the beds a bit of a squeeze

The bathroom in the apartment (Picture: Gumtree)

Damp patches and stains mar the ceiling of the rental, which is labelled as a ‘lovely galleried studio’ on Gumtree. If you think lovely is waking up to a magnolia-painted concussion each morning, then that description certainly fits.

Elsewhere in the tiny dwelling, you can spot peeling wallpaper, stained grout, and half missing skirting boards that appear to have been ripped out.

There are some good points to this pad, like the private bathroom and characterful fireplaces. The kitchenette also has a full-sized oven – an unfortunate rarity in studio flats.

Yet one thing that should be a dealbreaker for all tenants is a comfortable place to sleep. A home can be in Kensington or Keighley, but its location means nothing if your basic requirements aren’t covered.

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