Secret ‘Tardis’ cottage hidden between two houses goes on sale for £109,000

It might not look like much at first, but have faith (Picture: 247PROPERTY/APEX)

We’re big fans of a house that doesn’t look like much from the outside, but has a world of wonders inside.

Backabit Cottage, in Highbridge, Somerset, delivers on that front.

Take a look at its exterior and you might assume it’s just part of one of its larger neighbours; perhaps an extra entrance, or a conservatory.

But hold on a minute.

Behind that door lies a two-storey house – one that could be all yours for £109,000 – quite a bit less than the average property price in the area, which sits at around £275,000.

It’s not massive inside, but it’s far larger than its appearance gives away.

entry to tardis house

Beyond the narrow entryway sits a one-bedroom house you could call your own (Picture: 247PROPERTY/APEX)

kitchen in tardis house backabit cottage

Here’s the kitchen (Picture: 247PROPERTY/APEX)

Inside is 538 sq ft of space, with one bedroom, one bathroom, and a nice living area, spread over two floors.

On the ground floor sits the reception porch, which has some slightly psychedelic windows and potting shelves, plus the living room and a kitchen, complete with a wood-burning stove.

Head upstairs and you’ll find your bedroom, which is spacious enough to fit a double bed with walking space around the sides.

Also on this level is the bathroom, which has a bath/shower combo.

living room in tardis house

The living room, complete with charming beams (Picture: 247PROPERTY)

In terms of aesthetic, exposed beams and sash windows add to that country cottage feel.

All of this sits tucked in between two houses – and we do mean tucked, you could easily stroll past without noticing Backabit Cottage at all (as its name suggests, it’s… back a bit from the street) – within a ten-minute walk from Highbridge train station.

Auctioneer Scott Gray, known for his regular appearances on BBC’s Homes Under the Hammer, said: ‘This cottage offers real charm due to its unusual situation being tucked away behind the main terrace of properties.

bedroom in tardis house

There’s just the one bedroom, but it’s not a bad size (Picture: 247PROPERTY)

bathroom in tardis house

And finally, the bathroom (Picture: 247PROPERTY)

‘The deceptively spacious accommodation gives the cottage a real Tardis-like feeling!’

If you’re looking at this ‘Tardis’ style house and already dreaming of living there, you’re in luck, as it is indeed on the market.

It’s being auctioned by 247 Property Auctions in two weeks’ time, with a starting price of £109,000. Best of luck. Not just with buying the place, but fitting your sofa through the front door.

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