American Song Contest 2022 LIVE- Fans SLAM ‘unfair’ show for letting Michael Bolton & other stars sing against new acts

AMERICAN Song Contest fans SLAM the hit new show as new acts performed in the season’s second episode on Monday.

Fans are saying that the show, designed to be America’s answer to the Eurovision Song Contest, is “unfair” because it allows up-and-coming contestants new to the stage to perform in competition against seasoned professionals like Michael Bolton and Macy Gray.

Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg host the show, proving to be a hilarious pair as they emcee the performances of artists from each of the 50 states.

On Monday’s second episode of the season, the jury chose The Voice alum Jordan Smith, who represented Kentucky, to continue onto the semifinals.

The first episode’s contestants heading to the semifinals have been announced as Rhode Island’s Hueston, Oklahoma’s AleXa, Connecticut’s Michael Bolton, and Puerto Rico’s Christian Pagán.

On the first episode of the show, pop star AleXa represented Oklahoma with a performance of her original song Wonderland, featuring backup dancers and impressive choreography.

The contest will play out over eight weeks, ahead of a finale on May 9.

Musicians from all 50 states, five surrounding territories, and Washington, DC will compete in the contest.

Fans can vote now for the competitors until Wednesday morning at 7am local time through the NBC website, the NBC app, and TikTok.

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  • How can I vote?

    There are five Qualifying Rounds of the American Song Contest, with 11 competitors featured in each episode.

    A jury made of 56 music experts – one from each state and territory – will choose one artist to advance immediately to the Semi-Finals during each Qualifying Round.

    A total of three more spots will open up for the Semi-Finals, set to be chosen by the jury and fans.

    Fans are able to vote through the NBC website, the NBC app, and TikTok.

  • Jordan Smith continues

    The jury voted for Kentucky’s Jordan Smith to continue on to the semifinals.

    The three other contestants continuing on from this episode will be announced in next week’s episode.

  • On to the rankings

    Following Macy Gray’s “spiritual” performance, in the words of Snoop Dogg, it’s time for the rankings from the jury.

  • Macy Gray

    The legendary singer is from Canton, Ohio, and she’ll be representing the buckeye state in tonight’s episode.

    She’ll be performing her song called Every Night.

  • Lobsters, lighthouses, and love

    King Kyote is up next with his performance of Get Out Alive as he represents Maine.

    He said that he wanted this song to feel like drinking whiskey under pine trees.

  • Almira Zaky

    Almira Zaky is representing Virginia. Almira’s friends call her the”R&B Princess of Virginia.”

    She will be performing a song called Not Over You. She described the song as a nostalgic, 90s jam with loving energy that the world needs.

  • Tell Me

    Broderick Jones performs his hip-hop song Tell Me as he represents Kansas in tonight’s episode with backup dancers.

    Broderick dreams of being the biggest artist ever from Kansas.

  • Chloe’s catchy chorus

    North Dakota’s performance is already stuck in viewers’ heads.

  • North Dakota cowgirl

    Chloe Fredericks is up next, representing North Dakota with her song called Can’t Make You Love Me.

    The singer started off her fiery performance with red lights and pyrotechnics before her smoky vocals sang, “I can’t make you love me and I wouldn’t want to anyway.”

  • Former Voice star

    Former champion of The Voice Jordan Smith is up next, performing a song to represent Kentucky.

    Jordan hopes to bring home another musical reality competition victory.

    He is singing his original song called Sparrow.

  • Celebrando

    Cruz Rock performs his dance-worthy song Celebrando with backup singers and dancers on the American Song Contest stage.

  • US Virgin Islands

    Cruz Rock is up next, representing the Virgin Islands.

    The artist has accumulated millions of views on his music videos.

    “It brings me great joy to represent these people on a major scale,” Cruz Rock said.

  • Emotional record

    “That one hit me in the heart,” Snoop Dogg said after Jocelyn’s performance of her song Never Alone.

  • Never Alone

    Jocelyn sings the song’s chorus “you’re never alone” in the spotlight on the stage with just a guitar and a beautiful backdrop.

    The words “never alone’ light up on the stage next to the singer.

  • Nebraska’s turn

    Jocelyn is representing Nebraska.

    The artist spoke of Omaha’s music scene and how community service has impacted her.

  • New Yorkers unite

    Many New Yorkers are showing their love for ENISA as the state’s representative in the song contest.

  • New York up next

    New York’s ENISA will perform next with her song called “Green Light.”

    The first-generation Albanian singer is singing about how any dream can come true in New York City.

    Billboard recognized ENISA as an artist with the Next Big Sound.

  • Rankings so far

    Snoop Dogg and Kelly revealed that the voting numbers so far show Montana is ahead of Oregon.

  • Song of the summer

    Jonah Prill, representing Montana, is now performing his song “Fire It Up,” which he described as the song of the summer.

    He said the country song is a summery sound that he hopes will give listeners a good feeling.

  • ‘Get your vote on’

    Host Snoop Dogg tells the audience to get their vote on and vote for the possible semifinalists now on the website, or on the NBC app.

  • Million dollar smoothies

    The band’s performance of their song “Million $ Smoothies” started off with a woman drinking a green smoothie, before showing the two band members opening the song in a bed before dancing around the stage.

  • courtship. takes the stage

    Representing Oregon, the band “courtship.” takes the stage.

    The band is comprised of Micah and Eli, who said that the name came from watching nature documentaries together.

    The band has had some success on streaming services, and they’ve even opened for Weezer.

  • Semifinalists announced

    Joining Rhode Island’s Hueston in the semifinals is Oklahoma’s AleXa.

    The next contestant announced to be advancing to the semifinals is Connecticut’s Michael Bolton.

    The last semifinalist announced is Puerto Rico’s Christian Pagán.

  • Jury results revealed

    Snoop Dogg and Kelly reveal the order of the jury results, factoring in America’s votes from the app.

  • Tune in!

    Tonight’s episode of American Song Contest is live NOW on NBC!

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