Archie Eversole ‘death’ latest news

‘WE Ready'” rapper Archie Eversole reportedly passed away and his cause of death remains unknown.

It was announced on April 13, 2022, that the Atlanta, Georgia-based artist had passed away at the age of 37.

Eversole’s nephew, Jordan Hughley, confirmed the tragic news to The Sun. 

“He was a great and loving man. He was really genuine and loved everyone,” he said at the time.

Despite being confirmed, the cause of death is still unclear. Meanwhile, fans took to Twitter to remember the musician’s “legacy.”

“Sports team fans around the world will sing your anthem for years to come, but it will forever mean something extra special to #ATLUTD fans,” wrote one person in relation to his Atlanta United-themed song.

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  • What theme song did Eversole work on?

    In 2018, Eversole was chosen to write the theme song United We Conquer for the Major League Soccer team Atlanta United.

  • When did Eversole record his debut album?

    He was aged 17 when he recorded his first album called Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style.

    It was released in 2002.

  • Who confirmed Archie Eversole’s death?

    As told to The Sun, Eversole’s nephew Jordan Hughley confirmed his death.

    “He was a great and loving man,” Hughley said.

  • Who was Archie Eversole?

    Archie Eversole was a hip-hop recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia, who was born in Germany.

    He is most known for his gold-certified album Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style from 2002 and the track We Ready, a song that borrows Steam’s Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, which is frequently used as a stadium anthem and in ads for American sports.

    Eversole released United We Conquer, a theme for the Atlanta United Major League Soccer team, in 2018.

    He died on April 13, 2022.

  • How old was Archie Eversole when he died?

    Eversole reportedly died at the age of 37.

    Cause of death remains unknown

  • What was Archie Eversole’s cause of death?

    As of right now, Eversole’s cause of death is unknown.

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