Are gardening centres open over the Easter weekend?

A LONG weekend is the perfect excuse for green fingered Brits to get in a spot of gardening, so plenty will be flocking to garden centres this bank holiday.

But because of the holiday some might be closing their doors a little earlier than usual, and cutting down their hours.

You’ll have to check the opening hours of your local storeCredit: PA

Here we explain which garden shops will be open over Easter this year.

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The majority of B&Q stores have large gardening centres, complete with plants and furniture to spruce up your outside space.

As opening times vary across the country, shoppers are advised to check the B&Q store finder tool online to see the hours for their local branch.

Typically, most stores open at 7am or 8am and shut at 7pm or 8pm.

B&Q will keep its doors shut on Easter Sunday though, so you won’t be able to browse its aisles on this day.

It’ll then reopen on Easter Monday again, with its usual opening times in place.

But B&Q has around 300 shops in the UK so do check with your local one to get the most accurate picture.

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You’ll still be able to visit Dobbies stores to pick up flowers and other gardening bits for most of the weekend.

When we checked a few locations using its store locator tool, most branches were scheduled to open under regular hours on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.

Dobbies typically open at 9am and close at either 5pm or 6pm – but check its store locator tool to see when your nearest shop opens.

But you won’t be able to visit on Easter Sunday, as the stores are all due to be shut.

All Dobbies shops are scheduled to be open under their normal hours once again on Easter Monday though.


Homebase stores typically open their doors between 8am and 8pm.

This can vary though depending on how big the store is – some Garden by Homebase sections found in Next stores for example will adhere to the bigger chain’s opening hours instead.

Hours are expected to remain as normal though over the weekend, with the exception on Sunday when the store will be closed altogether.

You won’t be able to visit again until Easter Monday, when stores will be open from 8am until 7pm in most cases.

You can use its store locator tool to see the full list of locations.


If you’re planning a trip to Longacres over the Easter break, here is when you can visit.

Opening times vary, but most open between 7am to 9am, and close between 5.30pm and 8pm.

You can use its store locator tool to be sure of your closest though.

Longacres stores will be shut for sure on Easter Sunday this year and on Good Friday, “holiday hours” will apply.

But they’ll reopen again on Easter Monday, when again they’ll open between 7am and 9pm, and close anywhere between 5.30pm and 8pm – just like normal.


Like its rivals, gardening chain Squires also kept its shops open on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.

Opening times do vary between its 16 branches, but shops will typically open 8am until 6pm.

When we checked, Google Hours told us that the store would stick open on Sunday too, but this may vary depending on where you live.

If it is the case you’ll be able to shop from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

They’ll definitely reopen as normal on Easter Monday though, again with most branches opening 8am until 6pm.

If you’re unsure where your nearest Squires is, you can use its store locator tool.


Hillier garden centres will be open for you to enjoy over the weekend too.

Typically the stores open from 9.30am to 5.30pm every week day and Saturday – and this doesn’t change, bar Good Friday when hours may vary at your local branch.

Your local store could well be open on Sunday too, as Google Hours explains that typical Sunday hours apply.

This means you may be able to shop from 10.30am to 4.30pm like normal – but check your local store.

You can use Hillier’s locator tool to do this.

What are the upcoming bank holiday dates for 2022?

Here is the full list of 2021 bank holidays in England and Wales.

  • Friday, April 15 (Good Friday)
  • Monday, April 18 (Easter Monday)
  • Monday, May 2 (Early May Bank Holiday)
  • Thursday, June 2 (Spring Bank Holiday)
  • Friday, June 3 (Queen’s Jubilee)
  • Monday, August 29 (Summer Bank Holiday)
  • Sunday, December 25 (Christmas Day)
  • Monday, December 26 (Boxing Day)
  • Tuesday, December 27 (Substitute Christmas Day)

Dates in Scotland and Northern Ireland vary.

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