Boris Johnson has apologised – now he should get on and deliver on his promises

JUST four days ago Volodymyr Zelensky hailed Boris Johnson for his brave leadership and said he would “go down in history” over his unwavering support for Ukraine.

Yesterday Boris earned another historic first — as the only PM to have broken the law while in office.

Boris Johnson earned another historic first — as the only PM to have broken the law while in office but he must deliver on his promiseCredit: AFP

Let no one be in any doubt that lockdown-breaching parties at No 10 have sickened the nation.

Images of the Queen sitting alone at her husband’s funeral spoke for every grieving relative denied the chance to say a proper goodbye as the booze flowed in Downing Street.

Anger over that still lingers which is why Mr Johnson, rightly, took time away from the war effort to apologise again. It was on his watch. His responsibility.

But how serious was the offence that detectives now deem worthy of ensuring that the Prime Minister’s name sits on the police national computer?

I fell short but my priority is to tackle the problems facing Brits, says PM
Inside 9min long No10 'birthday party' with no cake & unopened warm beer

A few weeks after escaping intensive care, Boris’s wife and staff wanted to mark his 56th birthday.

They spent less than ten minutes doing so while at work. Someone took a snap that later proved “incriminating”.

Marks and Spencer nibbles turned into a crime scene.

As one staffer said: “The bloke had nearly died. It was hardly a party.”

Yet the Metropolitan Police can always be relied upon to overreact during one of their vastly expensive, lengthy and politically-motivated investigations.

Officers could have wrapped up Partygate and issued all the fines in one go.

Instead we face weeks more of cops doling out fixed penalties to justify their inquiry — a huge, unwanted distraction.

Tory MPs, meanwhile, are in no mood to ditch their wartime leader over a few chocolate mini rolls and a chorus of Happy Birthday.

Calls for the PM to resign remain confined to his political enemies. Lucky Boris also saw his fine emerge during Parliamentary Recess, helping him to escape a usually febrile Westminster atmosphere.

Less fortunate is Chancellor Rishi Sunak — seemingly tempted to resign after days of being battered over his tax affairs before being declared a lawbreaker for popping in to see the boss. Like his leader, Mr Sunak has rightly agreed to roll up his sleeves and dig in.

While theirs was a breach of the lockdown rules they created, we must keep a sense of proportion. This is not a mistake worthy of Britain losing both its Prime Minister and Chancellor.

Boris has paid the fine, apologised and said voters have the right to expect better. Now that the Covid threat has receded he should get on and deliver on that promise.

Boris Johnson & Rishi Sunak pay Partygate fines and apologise
'Only 1% of people' can read the word in this illusion - can you find it?

Support Ukraine during the biggest European military crisis since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

And fight for those struggling with the greatest cost of living crisis in our lifetime.


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