Brits spending more time preparing breakfast and are swapping boring dishes for something more exciting, study finds

BRITS are spending more time making breakfast and choosing more exciting options, a survey has revealed.

A study of 2,000 office staff found 56 per cent claim their morning habits have changed in the past two years.

Brits are opting for more interesting breakfast options, a survey has revealedCredit: Getty

Who eats what around the UK for breakfast

Who eats what around the UK for breakfastCredit: SWNS

Since working from home, three in 10 have spent more time preparing and eating the first meal of the day than they ever did before.

And 57 per cent have swapped out “boring” dishes for something exciting.

But 68 per cent want to continue their new breakfast habits now that life is becoming busy again.

It also emerged the meals worth getting out of bed for include bacon sandwiches, loaded bagels and other cooked options like scrambled eggs or a full fry up.

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The study, commissioned by New York Bakery Co., found 48 per cent think eating breakfast at home has become more important than it was pre-pandemic.

Reasons for this included spending quality time at home becoming the norm (39 per cent) and having time for a heartier breakfast (37 per cent).

While for 27 per cent, making time for the first meal of the day meant it stopped them logging on for work too early.

Rhiannon Heap, for New York Bakery Co., said: “As mornings are getting busier once again, from commuting, to the school run, Brits haven’t forgotten how important eating a hearty breakfast is.

“Our research shows that a quarter go as far as saying it’s the most enjoyable part of their day.”

The study also found 60 per cent of breakfast eaters dine at home, while 11 per cent wait until they’re at their place of work.

But three in 10 would rather get up earlier on a morning to ensure they can have a fulfilling and nutritious meal.

While 27 per cent eat the same thing for breakfast five days a week, weekends are a different experience, according to 78 per cent.

This is due to having extra time on Saturdays and Sundays (26 per cent), feeling more relaxed (23 per cent) and feeling like it’s an occasion (18 per cent).

Similarly, a fifth of those polled via OnePoll said their family enjoy eating the first meal of the day together, and for 23 per cent weekend breakfasts are an ‘event’.

Popular breakfast options included scrambled egg (20 per cent), a full English (19 per cent), bagels (13 per cent) and pancakes (12 per cent).

And the most popular breakfast bagel toppings were found to be cream cheese (22 per cent), butter (22 per cent) and cheese (18 per cent).

Broadcaster and self-confessed breakfast lover, Miquita Oliver, who has teamed up with New York Bakery Co., said: “Everyone knows breakfast is such an important meal.

“When I spent time living and working in New York, there were so many brilliant breakfast choices, but the classic bagel had to be up there with one of my top breakfast choices.”

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Rhiannon added: “A proper breakfast can mean the difference between a good and a bad day.

“We know that breakfast needs to be done right and believe our bagels are an ideal option for anyone looking for an exciting breakfast mid-week and at the weekend, whether it’s at home, in the office or somewhere in-between.”

Brits are becoming more adventurous with what they start have for the first meal of the day

Brits are becoming more adventurous with what they start have for the first meal of the dayCredit: Getty

A full-English fry up is still a popular choice

A full-English fry up is still a popular choiceCredit: Getty

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