Fifa plans for World Cup every two-years officially SCRAPPED after backlash as Infantino claims it wasn’t his idea

FIFA’S plan for a World Cup every two years has been publicly ditched.

And world chief Gianni Infantino incredibly claimed it was NEVER his plan.

Infantino declared the proposal of a World Cup every two years was not his ideaCredit: AFP

In a performance of staggering front – and which seemed to throw Arsene Wenger under the passing bus – the Fifa President told the Congress of the 211 member associations of the abrupt U-turn.

Infantino said: “Let me clarify one thing here – and I want to speak about some of the discussions and speculations on a biennial World Cup.

“Fifa has not proposed a biennial World Cup.

“Let’s get the process clear. At Congress last year 88 per cent of associations asked us to study the feasibility of that and some other projects.

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“Fifa, under Arsene Wenger, did that. We studied the feasibility. 

“But Fifa did not propose anything.

“Fifa came to the conclusion that it was feasible but would have repercussions and an adverse impact.

“The next phase was consultation and discussion and trying to find agreements and compromises, to find what was most suitable for everyone.

“What is important is respect of the football institutions and the pyramid, with Fifa at the top, where everyone has their own role.”

It was a brazen performance by the Swiss world chief, but a major defeat for the Fifa hierarchy and victory for Uefa boss Aleksander Ceferin and Europe’s major leagues and clubs.

Infantino, though, will now push ahead with a renewed plan to improve and increase the number of women’s and youth tournaments.

He added: “We need international competitions between continents but the future is much more than that and shouldn’t be reduced to World Cups or competitions. 

“The future is women’s football, a new calendar, and  youth football, with World Cups for youth sides every year and double the number of participants to give more opportunities at global level.”


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