Former Strictly star reveals blunder during training caused heart attack fears and ambulance called to studio

A FORMER Strictly Come Dancing star has revealed a blunder in training saw an ambulance called for her over heart attack fears.

The contestant took to The One Show to reveal how her smartwatch thought she was “having a heart attack” and alerted emergency services.

A Strictly star said a blunder saw her spark a heart attack fear behind-the-scenesCredit: PA

Susan Calman took part in the show back in 2017

Susan Calman took part in the show back in 2017

Susan Calman told show hosts Alex Jones and Harry Judd about how her intensive training session went drastically wrong.

The Scottish comedian, 47, took part in the popular BBC One dancing competition back in 2017, alongside pro partner Kevin Cliffton.

Coming seventh in the competition, Susan had to go through weeks of intensive training and dancing before being sent home to relax.

The star detailed how at one point the behind-the-scenes prep got so intense, that her heart rate shot up “over 200”.

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Susan’s smartwatch picked up on her soaring pulse, and called her an ambulance – with the comedian joking it thought she “was having a heart attack”.

“I was on Strictly and we were practising the jive – very energetic,” she explained. “We were practising the sixth time in a row.

“I heard an alarm going off and my smartwatch had phoned an ambulance because it thought I was having a heart attack.

“My heart rate was above 200. I looked down, and it was calling the emergency services. I cancelled the call and kept my watch off.”

Susan appeared on Strictly back in 2017 – delighting viewers with her fun-filled routines week on week.

The star credited the BBC show for bringing joy into her life, after a difficult upbringing saw her “suicidal” and “cutting herself”.

In her autobiography, Susan revealed: “I felt alone, isolated, confused about why I couldn’t just make myself happy. I’d started cutting myself.

“I would sit in my room punishing myself, a common thing to do among many depressives, and I still have the scars on my arms from that time.”

She was sectioned for her own safety under the Mental Health Act. Her brief and terrifying stay in an adolescent psychiatric ward stiffened her resolve never to do anything that would result in a return visit.

Writing in her book Cheer Up Love, she said: “I was terrified. No doors on the toilets or showers, being watched 24 hours a day.”

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She gushed of Strictly: “The joy I am getting from performing on a Saturday night. It is helping my mood and how I feel about things.”

Susan faced criticism for taking part in Strictly because it does not feature same-sex dancing couples.

But she fought back, adding: “There’s nothing more powerful than having an openly gay woman on the biggest show on TV, whose wife is on the front row, doing what she wants to do.”

Susan said an ambulance was called due to her heart rate

Susan said an ambulance was called due to her heart rateCredit: BBC


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