Grace viewers all have the same complaint about shock twist

SERIES two of crime drama Grace left fans with a jaw-dropping twist last night.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter, branding the show’s plotline “far-fetched” and even “rubbish.”

ITV aired the first episode of Grace’s second seriesCredit: Rex

But viewers were left unconvinced by the show's plot twist

But viewers were left unconvinced by the show’s plot twistCredit: ITV

While titular character DSI Roy Grace – portrayed by John Simm – became friendly with new pathology officer Cleo, the detective still had a crime on his hands to solve.

ITV aired the first instalment of Grace‘s second season, Not Dead Enough, last night during which Roy was faced with the brutal murder of Katya Bishop.

Soon enough, all evidence pointed to her entrepreneur husband Kit.

But while he quickly found himself at the top of the suspect list, Kit insisted he was innocent.

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It all became clear that he could actually be telling the truth.

Unbeknownst to Kit, a shocking plot twist revealed he was not only adopted but was also one of a set of identical triplets.

But the big reveal left viewers with mixed opinions on social media.

“Great episode tonight. My mum guessed twins we weren’t expecting triplets”, one satisfied viewer commented on Twitter.

Another one added: “Well done all the Miss Marples and Poirots who guessed triplets.”

Unfortunately, the majority of ITV viewers had the same complaint following the episode as many first guessed Kit would actually have a twin.

“Sorry Grace, twins is bad enough but triplets! It probably worked better in the book, but it came out of nowhere on TV”, a third TV fan penned.

Another one commented: “I thought the twins theory was a bit far-fetched but it seemed the only plausible explanation, but triplets?!”

“If twins is not ridiculous enough, go for triplets!!”, wrote another viewer.

Some didn’t shy away from putting the show on blast.

“Wow. If I’d read the plot to this Grace in a book, I’d consider it hours wasted. A tad unbelievable is an understatement”, one fuming viewer jumped in.

“Triplets, come on!”, another wrote as one viewer joked: “so when do the quads come in?”

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Another merciless viewer made their disappointment known by holding nothing back, writing: “What a load of badly acted, abysmally written rubbish.”

They soon received an equally harsh reply regarding the plot twist: “I agree. Utter garbage. Simplistic awful drama which should be on at 2pm on some streamer.”

Can Grace make up with these unimpressed viewers during its next airing?

Grace airs on Sundays at 8pm on ITV.

John Simm stars as the titular character

John Simm stars as the titular characterCredit: Rex

He stars alongside Richie Campbell

He stars alongside Richie CampbellCredit: Rex


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