Richard Madeley leaves eco warrior close to tears during tense GMB debate as he asks ‘where she gets her clothes’

RICHARD Madeley left a Good Morning Britain guest close to tears today during a tense debate about oil protests.

The host kicked off the discussion by telling Miranda Wheelan she had zero support from viewers after her group blocked petrol supply chains and left millions of motorists scrambling for fuel.

Richard Madeley was accused of bullying a GMB guest today

Eco warrior Miranda Wheelan struggled not to cry after Richard asked her where she buys her clothes

Eco warrior Miranda Wheelan struggled not to cry after Richard asked her where she buys her clothes

Miranda struggled not to cry after Richard compared the Extinction Rebellion represntative to Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard with their slogan “Just Stop Oil” and then asked her where she buys her clothes.

Viewers accused him of bullying Miranda and slammed fellow journalist Lowri Turner for yelling as she kept calm – while also claiming presenter Ranvir Singh failed to bring balance to the debate.

One person tweeted: “What did I just watch on good morning Britain!!! A young woman comes on to highlight the SERIOUSNESS of the climate emergency and lowry turner and the supposedly impartial RICHARD MADELEY attacking her for wearing clothes when shortly Bangladesh will he underwater. DISGRACE.”

Another said: “Richard Madeley is getting off bulling a poor 20 year old girl. She is answering every question but he wants to concentrate on how the girl gets her clothes.”

One more raged: “How could they all be so rude to a 20 year old trying to change the world for good?! That other woman telling her its all about her ego and not for an actual good cause. Then saying she should just get a new government elected like ?? If only we could!!”

Another fumed: “The bullying tactics used by #GMB against a women is disgusting, the young lady stood no chance”

And a fifth said: “Ranvir please make this balanced. @GMB #gmb It is such an important issue. #GlobalWarming #environment #ClimateJustice Richard is being unfair.”


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