UK weather – Rain and cooler temps today sink hopes of balmy Bank Holiday Monday after one of the driest ever Aprils

HOPES of a balmy bank holiday are set to be sunk by showers today.

Rain dampened days out yesterday after one of the driest Aprils ever seen.

A couple at the seaside resort of West Bay in DorsetCredit: ©Graham Hunt

Bank Holiday Sunday was a washout for many

Bank Holiday Sunday was a washout for manyCredit: ©Graham Hunt

Visitors wearing waterproof jackets shelter from the rain under umbrellas

Visitors wearing waterproof jackets shelter from the rain under umbrellasCredit: ©Graham Hunt

And forecasters warned millions to expect cooler and wetter weather today.

Temperatures are likely to only reach 18C, compared to a high of 23.4C over Easter.

Met Office forecaster Dan Stroud said: “We were spoiled during April with warm and sunny weather.

“It’s sod’s law then that after one of the driest Aprils, we’re now going to start May off with scattered showers.

“That’s not to say there won’t be any sunshine.

“But for the main part this week is going to be pretty miserable with showers developing quite widely by Tuesday and into Wednesday.

“It’s the same picture for Thursday and Friday with rain set to move in from the South.”

The gloomy forecast came as ten million cars are set to hit the roads after the long weekend.

Delays are expected on the M25 west between the M3 and M4 junctions, and the A303 at Stonehenge, the AA said.

Engineering works on the railways are also set to cause mayhem.

But every cloud has a silver lining and the Met Office reckon the weather is likely to warm up by the weekend.

Dr Mark McCarthy, of the National Climate Information Centre, said April’s official figures will be announced tomorrow.

He said: “What we’ve seen in April is a long period of time with the UK under the influence of high pressure, bringing calm and settled weather, especially in the south.

“Early in the month, the Azores High dominated the weather in the south, with low-pressure systems continuing to make some progress in northern areas.

“Later in the month high-pressure remained dominant, but this time centred more towards Scandinavia or Iceland, and over the UK itself.

“What this adds up to is a dry theme for the month, with scattered showers making limited impacts in northern areas.”

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Meanwhile, provisional figures show just 48.9mm of rain fell last month. The average is 90mm.

Last year, 20.6mm of rain fell in April. But the driest was in 1842 with  an average of 11.3mm.

It comes as tempertures reached a balmy 24.5C last month

It comes as tempertures reached a balmy 24.5C last monthCredit: LNP


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