Apple to pay $14.8million to iPhone owners in HUGE win over iCloud scandal – check if you’re owed

APPLE will have to pay $14.8million to a group of its users after settling an iCloud lawsuit out of court.

You may be eligible to receive some of that money if you’re a US resident and paid for iCloud during a specific time period.

Apple denied any wrong doing but wanted to settle the case out of courtCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Apple agreed to the settlement after being accused of breaking the “contract regarding the iCloud Service that Apple provides to its users.”

Apple denied any wrong doing but agreed to settle the case and avoid going to court.

It was accused of breaking its Terms and Conditions by storing iCloud user data on third-party servers.

It was told it should have stored that data on its own servers.

The settlement reportedly includes any US resident who was paying for an iCloud subscription from September 16, 2015, to January 31, 2016.

If this is you and the email you used to sign up to iCloud at that time is still active, you should be notified.

A website for the lawsuit states: “The Parties to the Lawsuit have settled for $14.8 million.

” If you received an email notification from the independent Settlement Administrator about the Lawsuit, that means that you may be a Class Member.

“If you are a Class Member, you have the option of electing to receive a Class Payment by ACH transfer or by check.”

If you don’t choose to receive payment through an ACH transfer or check by May 23 this year then you may receive the payment to the account that pays for your iCloud.

Alternatively, a check could be sent to the address that was associated with the iCloud account at the time.

The size of the payment isn’t expected to be large.

It will depend on what iCloud tier a user subscribed to.

Those who subscribed to the 1TB tier will receive more than people who used the 50GB or 200GB tiers.

Money from settlements like this can be shared between millions and the lawyers also take their cut.

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Affected Apple users can also opt out of receiving the payment and sue Apple themselves.

The website explains: “If you decide to opt out of this Settlement, you will keep the right to sue Apple at your expense in a separate lawsuit related to the subject matter of the claims this Settlement resolves, but you give up the right to get a Class Payment from this Settlement.”

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