Apple ‘to start selling £148 iPhone THIS year in shocking price cut’

APPLE is known for being expensive but it could be preparing to drop the price of one iPhone to a new low very soon.

With rumours abound about a new iPhone SE, there is also talk that the current budget-friendly version could fall to just £148/$199.

Current iPhone SE was launched in 2020

The latest iPhone SE was released in 2020 offering buyers a cut price option with fewer shiny new features like 5G on board.

According to Bloomberg, the phone maker might take the chance to drop the price of the 2020 version down to £148/$199 if it launches a 2022 model.

However, UK pricing would likely fall closer to £179/£199 if the US model was $199.

It’s standard practice for Apple to keep selling older models at a cut price.

And a price tag as low as this would certainly help it attract new customers in emerging countries like Africa and parts of Asia.

In these places Android leads the way because it has a greater choice of cheaper options available.

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But even in the UK and US, a discount this big could also lure anyone who doesn’t want to spend thousands on a new phone.

Nothing’s for certain though, as the report is more of a suggestion than backed up by an insider.

But we won’t have to wait long to find out, as the next iPhone SE is tipped to be unveiled sometime in March.

If it’s a reality, it’ll be the third iPhone SE, following its debut in 2016 and a follow-up in 2020.

Rumours suggest Apple may be preparing to add 5G to the device at last.

And while it’s thought that the 4.7-inch design on its predecessor will be kept, it looks like a more powerful chip might be on board to speed things up.

The starting price for an iPhone SE at the moment is £389/$399.

There have been two versions of the iPhone SE since 2016

There have been two versions of the iPhone SE since 2016

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