Fans think Apple will unveil ‘iPhone replacement’ next week – and there’s a big clue why

WITH days to go until Apple’s next big product reveal, there’s speculation that the tech giant might unveil a new wearable that will steal the iPhone’s thunder.

By that, we mean the long-rumoured Apple Glass – and fans have gathered hints that certainly make it plausible.

Apple Glass has been rumoured for some time

Apple Glass isn’t expected to be released until next year but the firm may finally be ready to give us a first official glimpse.

If real, the device will look and feel like any other pair of glasses except they’ll project data and images onto the lens using augmented reality (AR).

It could well replace the need for an iPhone at all, or at least keep us from picking it up every 10 seconds.

Eagle-eyed watchers noticed some clues in Apple’s recent event announcement that suggest an unveiling of Apple Glass could be on the cards for March 8.

As TechRadar points out, a video teaser shared by the company’s global marketing chief Greg Joswiak possibly holds the answer.

In it, we see a real stage from Apple’s HQ in Cupertino, featuring the iPhone maker’s iconic logo.

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However, the logo seems to be floating on the stage in slow-flashing neon colours, which is something you would expect to see if you were wearing an AR head piece.

Elsewhere, Apple has strangely decided to describe the event as “Peek Performance”.

Usually Apple would spell it as “Peak”, so the subtle change to “Peek” suggests we might get a quick glimpse of something brand new.

If it does happen, Apple Glass won’t be the only thing we’re expecting to see on launch day.

Notably, a brand new iPhone SE is tipped to appear, as Apple tries to lure in more customers who want a budget-friendly smartphone.

We’re also expecting to see a more powerful iPad Air with a newer custom A-series chip.

And a newer Mac might pop up, too.

A new iPhone is also tipped to appear

A new iPhone is also tipped to appear

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