Five easy ways to fix common iPhone error message

THERE is nothing quite like a pesky “iCloud Storage Full” notification bursting onto the screen.

Users feel like they’ve just asked to do the digital version of cleaning out the garage – there’s old stuff everywhere, you’re not sure what you can throw out and it’s a time consuming, thankless process.

Users can that pop up to rest with surprisingly easy fixes

The latest iPhone 13 Pro offers up to a terabyte of in-device storage – a once unthinkable amount of space on the notoriously gigabyte-stingy iPhone.

But for users who don’t have the new model, there are tricks to make space on your iCloud without deleting the pictures from that 2010 trip to the Bahamas.


Sometimes users don’t even realize there are a ton of easy deletes that could give their iCloud some breathing room.

Go to your Settings app, and go into your iCloud tab.

You’ll see a graphic representation of what’s taking up space in your iCloud garage.

Long videos, downloaded movies and video editing files are large, clunky pieces of data.

A movie can be up to 5 gigs if its high resolution and iMovie files can be even larger – deleting a movie you’ve already watched is an easy decision if you need the space.

Similarly, text messages can easily pile up over the course of a few months or years and scrapping old conversations from your phone, computer and iCloud can help your machine run faster.


iCloud will save back ups to devices users don’t own or use anymore.

It’s like your dad’s old lacrosse equipment – you know he’s not suiting up any time soon, the same way you don’t need the backup to your iPhone 6.

Besides, the only backup that’s truly useful is the latest one – if you plan to delete a few retired iPhones, it’s a good idea to backup your current device on the spot. 


The iPhone’s camera is one of its best features.

From Apple’s “shot on iPhone” commercials that stun millions of viewers to the standard LinkedIn headshot, the camera can do a lot – and take up a lot of storage space doing it.

One tool influencers are sure to know of is the Burst mode – when enabled, Bursts will take several images in rapid succession.

With Burst mode on, you can take hundreds of photos in seconds. These replicant shots are easy deletes if you’ve got your favorites picked out. 


If you can’t bear to part with some of your cherished digital data, shift some to a new cloud.

Google and Amazon both offer photo storing services that have iOS capabilities. 

For $19.99, access to 100 gigabytes of Amazon Photos storage can be yours – it’s not the best deal on the market as you’ll only have access for a year unless you renew. 

Google offers a more all-encompassing, all-integrating data storage solution with a tiered system called Google One.

For users looking for just a drop-and-go solution more like a physical storage garage, DropBox and OneDrive might be the best choice. 


The last resort is to simply pay Apple for more iCloud storage.

The next tier up from the 5 gigabyte free plan is 50 gigs of cloud storage for just $0.99 a month – it’s a good deal, enough for the average user, but it surely won’t be enough space for anyone who takes a lot of videos.

Up from that is the beefier 200 gigabyte plan at $2.99 a month, which can be spread across a family account.

200 gigabytes is quite a bit, but likely not enough for anyone working professionally in the video content creation business.

The final and most expensive tier is 2 terabytes for $9.99. 

Economically, this plan makes the most sense as Apple is only charging about .005 cents a gig on this tier – but you don’t need a three car garage if all you have is a bike.

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Clearing up space is great for improving the speed and overall health of your iPhone.

Depending on the choice of solution, users can go a long while before they see that burdensome iCloud notification.

Click Settings to get started on clearing out your digital garage

Click Settings to get started on clearing out your digital garageCredit: Apple

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