How to reset your iPhone without a password – all the easiest tricks

RESETTING your iPhone without a password can be done with or without a computer in a few easy steps.

Apple’s locking mechanisms are great for protection, but sometimes they can turn against the user.

Apple’s default lock is just four digits but users can change these settings for more complex passwordsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Resetting your iPhone is like spring cleaning – sometimes it just feels right to start over.

Apple’s latest software, iOS15, makes it even easier to format and erase all the existing files on an iPhone, while keeping the user identity in tact.

There are a few methods for resetting your iPhone, both with and without the use of a secondary device like a computer.

These tricks cannot be used to take ownership over a stolen iPhone – Apple ID credentials are needed for most resets.

To reset an iPhone without a computer, you’ll need to deliberately enter your password incorrectly until the “Security Lockout” warning pops up.

A tab that reads “erase iPhone” will appear in the lower right corner.

Tap this popup to wipe the device clean of all files – you’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID and sign the device out of your network.

Tap the “erase iPhone” tab once again, and the phone will be fully reset to the way it was when it came out of the box.

Go through the set up process again and sign in with your Apple ID credentials – now, you’re back in your iPhone without having to enter the password.

If the iPhone that needs resetting does not have iOS 15, bringing a computer into the mix may yield the best solution.

First, power your iPhone down and let it sit for a moment.

Then turn it back on while simultaneously plugging the device into a computer – keep your fingers on the power up buttons until the iPhone’s recovery screen appears.

Locate the iPhone on your computer using either the Finder or iTunes – click “Restore iPhone”.

Keep the device plugged into your computer as the data is erased.

Once completed, the iPhone will be restored to factory settings.

Enter your Apple ID credentials and you’ve bypassed the lock.

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Both these methods will result in an iPhone that is signed in, but completely blank.

Keep your iPhone backups up to date so that if you do forget your password, you don’t lose everything on your device unlocking it.

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