Samsung Galaxy S22 launch ignites feud with iPhone fans as they slam each other online

SAMSUNG launched its Galaxy S22 smartphone series at its Unpacked event today and the reaction from fans was largely positive online.

However, the event has also reignited an old feud between iPhone fans and Samsung lovers.

Some iPhone users tried to slam Samsung after the Unpacked eventCredit: Twitter

The rivalry has been going on for years

The rivalry has been going on for yearsCredit: Twitter

Samsung is well aware of the ongoing feud and reportedly made reference to it during today’s Unpacked event.

Its presentation featured a Bridgerton-based Samsung Galaxy S22 advert in which an invention from Lord Mackintosh was rejected by Queen Charlotte.

Instead, the Bridgerton character is delighted by her sneak peak at Samsung’s new smartphone.

According to CNET, this was a dig at Apple because Mackintosh sounds very similar to Mac.

If this supposed dig was enough to offend Apple fans, they’d better stay off Twitter for today.

One Samsung fan recently tweeted: “Samsung has more going on then Apple lately, plus I’ve used Android before my iPhone and still prefer Android over ios, plus ios is kinda boring to look at lol”.

Another said: “Samsung is the King of all phones. Apple products are just for show off.”

While another person added: “Samsung makes a better phone than Apple. I switched from the S21 Ultra to the iPhone 13 PM and regret it. The new iPhone is trash.”

iPhone fans have also been defending their beloved devices.

One tweeted: “I’d rather have an iPhone 6 instead of any Samsung.”

Although rumors suggested similarities between the iPhone 13 and the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, the phones turned out to look quite different after the big reveal.

One person slammed both companies by tweeting: “I feel like Samsung has released the same phone three years in a row. Becoming like Apple.”

The feudal tweets were arguably outnumbered by the amount of BTS fans pledging their new allegiance to Samsung.

The K-pop boyband has been promoting the Galaxy smartphones.

There's been a spike in Samsung vs Apple tweets since today's Galaxy S22 Unpacked event

There’s been a spike in Samsung vs Apple tweets since today’s Galaxy S22 Unpacked eventCredit: Twitter

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