Smartphone warning as hot summer weather can RUIN battery permanently – here’s how to keep your device safe

PROTECT your electronics from overheating this summer as the weather warms up.

As summer quickly approaches many people are getting ready to spend time in the sun, but the heat can ruin the battery in mobile devices.

Direct sunlight can ruin your phone’s batteryCredit: Getty

Heat can cause irreversible damage to electronic devices, including cellphones.

Avoid leaving phones and other devices in direct sunlight. This includes in your car, according to Reviewed.

Leaving phones in hot cars in spots like the dashboard or armrest can ruin them.

Lowering the brightness of your display will reduce how hard the battery has to work. This will help keep your phone cool and protect it from overheating.

If your phone has an automatic brightness setting, remember to turn that off as well.

Close apps that constantly run in the background and run down your battery.

These power-hungry apps include ones that constantly refresh like Twitter and Instagram, but also web browsers and mobile games. This will reduce the strain on the battery.

Surprisingly, you should take your phone out of its case to help keep it cool. While you’re out and about give your phone a break from the case to help it cool down.

If your phone does overheat, do not put it in the fridge or freezer to cool it down.

The extreme cooldown could shock the hardware in the phone permanently ruining it. Not to mention it could cause moisture to get in your phone.

The simplest way to keep your phone safe is by getting it a fan!

These special fans latch onto the back of phones to keep them cool while gaming, but they can also work to quickly cool down your phone on a hot day.

In the case you do let your phone sit in the sun a bit too long and its battery dies, you don’t have to pay full price for a new phone.

Apple sells a wide range of refurbished iPhones for discounts of up to $300.

And because they are Certified Refurbished, you can be assured that the tech giant has given them a complete refresh, making them as close to new as possible.

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This includes a completely brand new battery and a new outer shell.

You’ll also get a one-year warranty.

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